Instant Remedies To Fix Low Blood Sugar Level

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All of a sudden your vision gets blurred, you become unable to focus, your face goes pale, sweating starts and you feel the world is revolving around you, have you ever felt that? If yes, then these signs indicate your blood sugar level is low.

Don’t worry it can happen and Marham has come up with some incredible tips to treat low blood sugar level with food items. It’s better if you consult a nutritionist to get to know the list of food items that can work best for you during a low blood sugar level.

However, Readout to know four tried and tested food to fix low blood sugar level:

Peanut Butter

It does not just taste so good but it’s rich in protein and healthy fat that helps in alleviating the symptoms of low blood sugar level. Its intake can improve your concentration and help you feel better instantly.

Flavorful Drinks

Even though water is best to keep you hydrated but in case of low blood sugar level fruit juices works best but don’t go overboard with them. You can have an apple, orange or grapes juice. Other better alternative method to control the blood sugar level is to consume water infused with multiple fruits and vegetables.

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Believe it or not! It does wonder. If your sugar level goes extremely down consuming hard candies can provide you relief. Keep a ziplock packet of small candies with you especially when you are traveling. Peppermint candies work best as along with balancing blood sugar level it’s mint flavor reduces symptoms of nausea as well.


For me, a handful of dry fruit and raisins works the best. It can boost your sugar levels instantly making you get out of the low blood sugar level symptoms instantly. You can keep them in your drawer at a workplace, keep it in your bag or pocket to consume it whenever you feel down.

It’s always better to consult a doctor or a nutritionist to get a complete guideline regarding what you should eat or do if you suddenly suffer from low blood sugar level.

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