Is Donald Trump A Victim Of COVID19’s Second Wave?

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OCTOBER 2020: According to the reports US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump have tested positive for COVID19 and are now self-isolating.

Donald Trump the president of the US aged 74, mentioned on his twitter: “We will get through this together”. The reason reported of the US president and his wife testing positive is because one of his closest aides Hope Hicks tested positive for COVID19.

As usually seen, Donald Trump mostly spurned wearing a mask and is also often seen not bothering about social distancing with his aides during his political and personal engagements. Despite the 7.2 million Americans infected and approximately 200,000 killed, the president of the United Stated always shrugged off the fact that COVID19 even exists.

According to the official reports released by Trump’s physician, both of them are well and plan to remain at home within the White House.

Situation Of COVID19 Wave 2 In Pakistan

Pakistan is known to be the miracle survivor in regards to the COVID19 pandemic, as much as the world expected devastation in Pakistan, it turned out to be the other way. By June 2020, Pakistan was hitting approximately 6000 positive cases per day and everyone was wondering what can be the outcome by the end of this year as we do not have a very stable healthcare system as compared to other countries that were hitting their peaks of wave 1.

Fortunately, by the governmental strategies and because of our dedicated healthcare staff, we managed to come out of that phase. But according to the history of previous pandemics, there’s always a second wave. Pakistan being lucky enough made successfully made out of the first one but because of the nonserious attitude of our fellow countrymen, it is expected that the COVID19’s second wave is just around the corner. After recording our lowest reported rate in early September, the number of daily reported cases are going up again. In the last 24 hours, 625 new cases and 15 deaths are reported which takes us on average 600 cases per day. It is time that we start taking things seriously rather than ending up in a much worse situation than before. Because the luck won’t be in our favor every time.

Do you think the COVID19’s second wave is already here?

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