Is ‘Smart Lockdown’ A Smart Decision At This Time?

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The whole world is in the midst of an unmanageable crisis which is impossible to be handled by a single person or the government solely. This time around, we not only need economic experts, but health professionals to guide us to the least risky path because the spike in the COVID19 cases is unmanageable. Failure to think of something immediately might spell disaster not only for the economy but for the lives of Pakistani citizens.

All doctors in Pakistan had pleaded with the government to ensure social distancing and protective gadgets for the medical professionals on priority. But that is not enough!

Will Smart Lockdown Work?

The government has decided to identify and seal the worst-hit areas because closing up the whole country again is not the option. Our country’s economy is not strong enough to afford it and will collapse shortly if there’s another complete lockdown imposed. Consequently, the district administration and the government has decided to completely seal the areas who are badly affected. But, the question is, will the smart lockdown actually work?. Lockdowns and smart lockdowns only work of the people decide to coordinate and unfortunately the people in Pakistan do not believe in the concept of cooperation. Smart lockdowns, if practically observed, only helps for a while and not in the long term.

People usually think that smart lockdowns are imposed so we can eliminate the disease from that area but in reality, that is not the case. Smart lockdowns hold a different purpose, they are used to decrease the excessive load and unbearable burden from our healthcare system. Sealing up badly hit areas means that we are not allowing the rapid spread of the disease. Though it will still spread in any case but, the ratio of incoming patients of COVID19 will definitely drop. Which is a bit of a relief for our paramedics, doctors and frontline staff workers.

So if we think this smart lockdown will help eliminate the disease, it will not. Whereas if we consider it as a way to reduce the burden from our doctors, yes, this is a good decision. We all know that COVID19 is here to stay, so why not work out the methods to decrease the spread rate

What Else Do We Have To Follow To Make This Smart Lockdown Successful?

Smart lockdowns are not the ultimate solution for COVID19 and honestly, it does not work if we don’t react responsibly. Lockdown in the country is successful if people decide to behave like responsible citizens. Being careless about the precautionary measures will have an adverse effect even if we’re in lockdown.

Along with the lockdowns, here is what else we need to take care of.

  • Social Distancing
  • Saying no to the gatherings
  • Do not plan meetups
  • Opt for online grocery shopping
  • Do not visit hospitals for petty issues
  • Wear masks
  • Consult doctors through telemedicine

A Word From Marham

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