Is Video Gaming Bad For You? Know These Horrible Disadvantages

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Video games are addictive; children are more prone to such games. Talking about adults, then men are more attracted to become hooked on video games than females. Many people believe that video games are a great source of amusement. While others think it has negative effects on our health. So the question is:

Is Video Gaming Really Bad for Your Health?

We all know that video games are disliked by parents as time-wasters. Some specialists also believe that these video games degenerate the brain. Media and some experts blamed violent video games as the motivation behind why some youngsters become vicious or adopt serious anti-social behavior. To discuss any of such cases with the best psychologist in Lahore, you can visit to book your slot.

If you do some research then you will get to know that there are some horrible disadvantages of video games, just like I did some research for you, so let’s have a look.

Muscle Stiffness And Pain:

Your body needs to be active and for that, it is important for you to do some physical activity. Playing video games restrict you in a similar position for a long period of time. This also involves sitting in front of a TV screen with poor posture. A study published in Pediatrics International says, excessive video games playing lead to increased level of muscle stiffness and pain, especially in the shoulder.

Video games disadvantages
Video games disadvantages

Seizures And Jerks:

You won’t believe! But here is a study that provides some scientific evidence about video games causing seizures. According to an article in the Journal of Neurology, Neuropsychology, and Psychiatry, 29% percent of epilepsy patients suffered video games induced seizures. It is not scientifically proved that video games itself can cause epilepsy, but stress, fatigue, and hyperventilation during video games can trigger seizures in epilepsy patients. If you have anyone in the family who is suffering from mental disorder, then without any delay visit and book an online appointment with the best psychiatrist in Karachi.

It Can Lead You To Obesity:

Video games don’t allow an individual to perform any physical activity. This inadequate actively levels lead you to obesity that is caused by playing video games.

Aggressive Behavior And Sleep Deprivation:

It has been noted that youngsters who spend most of their time playing video games show aggressive behavior. Especially, violent video games desensitize young people to violence. There are also some hardcore gamers who spend almost every night playing video games. This increased gaming leads people to sleep deprivation and cause serious health issues. To get an online consultation with the best dietetics in Islamabad, visit and book an appointment.

Video games disadvantages
Video games disadvantages

Of course, it’s not all bad. There are some educational games that improve hand-eye coordination. Numerous researchers and psychologists find that video games can really have numerous advantages too. The primary one is making children brilliant. As it is said, everything is good when stays within limit. 

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