It Is Not You! COVID19 Lockdown Has Got Us Behaving Lazy

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Have you also been a victim of ‘Will do it tomorrow’, ‘Maybe next week’, ‘Will finish it soon’?. We often fall prey to laziness and procrastination but deep down, we all know that tomorrow, next week, seldom happens for many. With carrying those personality traits into COVID19 lockdown, some of us have lost almost all encouragement of working. keeping track with work and personal life has become difficult than ever. The motivation to work and creativity has become bleaker. With no evident end in sight for this situation of house arrest, here is how ‘laziness’ has taken over us and the changing precepts.

Are We Actually Getting Lazy?

With every passing day in this pandemic lockdown, everyone is getting frustrated and the stress and anxiety levels have increased drastically. The motivation and positivity in human beings have perished. But the question is that, if it is actually us or COVID19 lockdown is the actual culprit? Is it the genetic behaviour of us humans or the environmental factor surrounding us is driving it all crazy?

There is something that the scientists and doctors have to say but still, there is no solid statement we can rely on.

According to the professionals, tiredness or low energy can also be caused by a lot of medical conditions such as:

  • Hypothyroidism,
  • Pituitary and adrenal gland disorders
  • Electrolyte imbalances
  • Nutritional and vitamin deficiencies
  • Chronic illness can also result in low energy levels

Let’s just not drift away from the actual problem, which is our mental health. Being exhausted and demotivates mentally can upset your physical health more than anything. In the current times, most of the issues lead us towards mental issues and our overall positivity. Moreover, there are other outer factors too.

The Outer Factors

The environmental factors that include extreme temperature and humidity can also affect human energy levels. Over the last several years, an alarming increase in lifestyle changes has been noted. Those lifestyle changes force us to have less active lifestyles. Consequently, in similar situations due to the lifestyle change, we tend to get more affected as there are no such activities to keep us motivated.

Having Pakistani weather in mind, this pandemic has forced us to stay indoors as much as we can. Going out is not an option and that is increasing the laziness, procrastination and demotivation levels in our people.

Why Are We Blaming COVID?

The major factors why we can blame COVID19 for the current behaviour are these.

  • No Immediate Contact With Loved Ones
  • Lack Of Motivation Because We Can’t Go Out
  • Emotional State Is A Dampener
  • Fear Of Failure
  • Uncertainty About Careers
  • Hopelessness And Helplessness

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