Keep Calm and Address Your Anxiety Amid COVID-19

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I was going through comments in a group at Facebook where people were asked how do you feel during this pandemic. I was not surprised to see most people telling depressed, anxious, and perplexed. Its true our lives were stressful, depression, anxiety were staples. But little did we know something more intense than day to day stress is in store for us. We long to get our routine life back.

Life during COVID-19 is barely letting us eke out a moment of relaxation. But staying calm is important than ever. You are confined at home with your family and let’s not forget our children who are witnessing this and registering how we coped. Besides the terror, this is a great learning opportunity for them. We indeed have a huge burden but let’s face it with bravery and valor and make an effort to improve things for us and our families.
Here are a few ways you can utilize to manage anxiety during these stressful times.

We are all in this together

While social isolation may seem unbearable to you and family but remember this is the only way to limit contagion. You may not be sick but you can be a carrier and may pass it to someone who cannot fight this well. A community effort is needed to break the chain of this viral infection. Keep in mind that everybody is making an effort to get through this. Your efforts count You are being responsible for practicing isolation.

A Break is Essential Than ever

It might seem like its too much of free time and nothing to do but still taking a break now is important than ever. Also, make sure to build a routine inside the home with all that you have to do through a day. Being predictable decreases anxiety and also you will feel more in control compared to living an indoor life that is not structured at all.

Indulge in family activities

Now is a good time to invest in some family activities and build a stronger bond. Utilize all this time to reflect on your family life and what needs to be done to make you all better as a family.

1 min relaxation

Adopt some relaxation activities to stay calm. Even a single minute of slowing down, taking deep breaths, and connecting to yourself will have beneficial effects on your mood.

Talk to Someone

It’s ok to feel excessively anxious, scared, and out of wits due to the current global situation. Find someone you trust to share your feelings. Venting out your fears will relax you and having someone to share may help you seek the positive side of the prospects.

Avoid too much news

Lastly, make sure to not spend your entire day in front of the tv or navigating social media channels. Excessive exposure to worrisome news and stats will not help you in any way. WHO suggests getting an update once or twice a day.

For People With Depression

Studies say that during stressful times like pandemics depression and anxiety may get worse. If you have suicidal thoughts or feel consumed by depression seek online help. Marham can help you find and consult the best doctors online. You can get your concerns addressed by a professional psychologist and feel better all from the safety of your home. As in these times, it is not good to visit hospitals or clinics due to the possible risk of infection spread.

Remember this time will get over. All you need to do is having faith and resilience in these tough times. Lift each other, help those in need, and make sure you do not increase the spread of infection by any means.

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