Is Your Kid Too Sick for School?

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Being a parent of a school going kid makes you come across frequent request of “I am not well I can’t go to school.” It takes a super brain to decide what to do in these situations. While you don’t want your kid to miss out on the school day you are also bemused about your child’s health. You don’t need to employ a nark to sort this out. Here is what you should know to make a better decision.

When to Keep your Kid Home from School?

Keep an eye on following when you are perplexed about sending your kid to school:

A Headache:

There is a lot of disagreement on whether a child should attend school or not with a headache. A headache can be a symptom of flu, infection or strep throat. If there are no other allied symptoms it is ok to attend school. Do check on her once during school hours to make sure everything is fine.


Fever is often accompanied by infections like flu and it shows that body is fighting against invading organisms like bacteria. If your child has a fever of 101F or higher keep her at home until she is fever free.

fever in kids

A Cough and Cold:

If your child is coughing and exhibiting cold symptoms too she should stay at home. While a cough is contagious it can also be a symptom of asthma or allergies. To find the best asthma specialist in Karachi, Lahore or any other main city of Pakistan is your best bet.

Nausea and Vomiting:

If your child is feeling queasy and has vomited twice or more in the last 24hours do not send her to school. Besides being contagious this can be a sign of an infection or food poisoning.

Sore Throats:

In case of a mild sore throat, your child can attend school. But if diagnosis says it is a strep-infection keep her at home. She may resume school 24-hours after starting antibiotics.

Ear infection:

Ear infections do not spread. So, a child with mild ear discomfort can attend school. Make sure to give some painkiller. If you want to consult with an ENT specialist has enlisted the best ENT specialists in Karachi, Lahore and all other main cities of Pakistan as well.

Eye- Infection:

If your kid has symptoms of conjunctivitis, redness of eyes, swelling and pus she should stay at home to prevent others from catching an infection. You can send her to school 24-hours after the continuation of treatment.


Visible rashes on the skin are a symptom of conditions like chicken pox, skin infection etc. Visit the best pediatrician in Islamabad, Lahore or any other main city to get properly diagnosed. Your child should continue only after a medical assessment gives an OK.


There may be a lot of culprits behind this ranging from the wrong eating pattern, infection to food poisoning. You can book an appointment with the best pediatrician in Karachi, Lahore or other main cities via Keep your kid hydrated and don’t send her to school until her gastrointestinal functions are back to normal.

Never try to manage serious illnesses of your kid at home. A little carelessness might lead to worrisome situations later on. Next time you come across an excuse for a leave from school, you know what to do! Right?

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