Knee Replacement Surgery in Turkey

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As being a sportsperson, I have communicated with many fellow sports people asking them how they manage their injuries. People who play racket sports frequently experience knee injuries. Squash players mostly. Sports injuries can upset our whole sporting careers.

Knee Transplant In India

I came across a few players who discontinued playing because of the injuries. They couldn’t afford the treatment. That is upsetting to hear but it is way more upsetting for the person himself. Not being able to afford the treatment, and leaving sports when there’s no option left is difficult. Apart from these, I have also heard about a case who was a victim of a fake treatment. He -being a squash player- experienced a very severe injury in his knee and was recommended to immediately get a knee replacement surgery done. He has travelled to various countries and hospitals but they refused to treat him. It is disappointing to face such an attitude. Indian hospitals did not also treat him well. With no suitable facilitation provided, he came back to Pakistan in a worsened condition.

Knee Transplant In Turkey

On someone’s recommendation, he once again decided to take the chance and travelled to Turkey. The hospitality and their warm welcome was the beginning of his successful treatment journey. His travel to Turkey and all the treatment plans we a part of the package he was offered. He’s on his feet again! Upon asking, the details he explains about the treatment are; Online consultation, followed by his customised treatment plan which included his sponsored visa, travelling, domestic travelling in Turkey, accommodation, food in the hospital, personal attendant and all the medical requirements. Plus a translator as well!

Hearing about this, Marham decided to step up and offer the same facilities to people in Pakistan. Some people keep wondering, but Marham did it. Marham ecstatically announces their collaboration with Turkey and their most competent doctors available. We’ll now take care of your treatment exactly as you’ve read above. The package is built according to the patient’s needs and condition. You will be provided with the best services which include; A sponsored visa, your stay, hospital duties, domestic travelling, your food, a personal attendant and a translator too!

Get your online consultation booked as soon as possible by calling at Marham’s helpline 03111222398.

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