Do You Know About 3 Zones of Asthma Control?

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When you are suffering from asthma there are certain MUST-DOs to keep this disease in a dormant condition. Routine checkups, regular peak flow monitoring, following the asthma action plan and avoiding triggers that cause asthma are required measures to control asthma. However, asthma does flare up anytime without warning and symptoms can be worsening to take out the breath.

What to Do When Symptoms Worsen?

Symptoms of asthma can vary in different individuals and in different situations.
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To effectively track the symptoms and act accordingly, do not hit the bushes, you only need to develop a clear asthma action plan with the help of your doctor. Well, if you think going to your family physician is all you can do, you might be wrong. Specialists called pulmonologists are the best persons to address all your asthma-related issues. has some of the best pulmonologists in Karachi, Lahore and all other main cities of Pakistan. To control your asthma, you will need to understand the three zones of asthma control.

The Green Zone:

The green zone indicates full control of your asthma. The situation is when you have 90% normal breathing and actively take part in all your daily routine activities. In this stage, take your controller medications as prescribed. If your symptoms are in the green zone for over 3 months, discuss with your doctor and never stop taking medications without consulting your doctor.

The Yellow Zone:

When you have 60 to 80% of normal breathing ability and have mild asthma symptoms that interfere your routine activities or sleep and frequency of reliever medication intake is 4 or more times in a week, you are in the yellow zone of asthma. This is an alarming situation, immediately talk to your doctor and seek modification of your asthma medications. If he is not available you can log on to to find the best pulmonologist in Lahore or other main cities of Pakistan. If yellow zone symptoms left untreated they might worsen and move to the red zone.
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The Red Zone:

The red zone is a medical emergency situation. People in the red zone experience severe asthma attack which is manifested by the following symptoms:

In this stage, reliever medications may not work effectively. Immediate call medical emergency helpline to save life.

Medical problems can be solved even at the last point, so never lose hope, maintain your nerves, you can beat asthma at its peak.

Few Most Popular Pulmonologists:

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