Know these 5 Symptoms to Deal Better with Hyperactive Kids

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Is your kid hyperactive? Most parents will say yes. Every naughty child is considered as a hyperactive one. But in reality, it is not the fact. If you are really interested, to get fact-based knowledge about the problem of hyperactivity in kids and its solution, following words will be greatly beneficial to you.

How to Spot Hyperactivity?

Not every active or naughty kid is the victim of hyperactivity. To mark a kid as a hyperactive one following symptoms must be present;

  • Difficulty in listening or following directions.
  • Unable to sit back in seats and move around a lot.
  • Talk too much, or interrupt other people’s conversations.
  • Impulsive, overenthusiastic and bouncing with energy.
  • Easily become worried, frustrated, sad or angry.

How to Handle Hyperactive Kid?

Parenting becomes toughest when your kid is hyperactive one. But it’s time to stop worrying and do some action. Your child can be normal like all others but you have to do a little effort. Maybe you need some professional help. You can find the best child psychiatrist in Karachi or any main city of Pakistan via These little things can also help you.
dealing with hyperactive kids

Channelize Energy:

Find means to vent their energy and calm their minds. Hyperactive kids need to run around and play a lot. Find a meaning full activity to consume his extra energy. It can be a physical activity, a mind game, a puzzle or an interesting quiz.

Help them to Deal with Feelings:

Children with hyperactivity find it difficult to handle their basic feelings like anger, sadness, and worry. This failure leads to even worse behavior. Help them to deal with their feelings and tell them what is good and what is bad. Narrate the stories which indirectly tell them how to handle daily emotions and feelings.

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Teach them to Relax:

To keep them relax is the real battle but you can win it by just minimizing distractions and screen time. TV, computer, and mobile screens make them furious. Limit it. Take them out to green surroundings. Advise him to take a deep breath and walk bare feet on grass. This will take away his negative energy and you will go back with a relax kid.
reasons of hyperactivity in kids

Behavior Therapy:

Reward them for good manners, like listening to you, sticking to a routine, encourage them to establish a good habit, and let them know what is expected of them. Tell them what good behavior is and be a role model for them.

Results will appear slowly, be calm and continue your efforts for the best outcome.

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