Know Why your Workout is not Working Out?

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Are you still struggling your way to that new year resolution of getting fit? Weight management and getting in the best form requires a lot more than hard work. You may be sweating and spending hours in the gym only to see minor changes.

To make your workout effective you need to know what factors can affect the effectiveness of your workout. Also if you suffer from any chronic disease like heart problems or metabolic disorders you should always start exercise with the informed consent of your doctor. To find the best endocrinologist in Karachi for management of metabolic disorder visit

So many people are exercising in the wrong way. Slapping few exercises together, getting through reps and a bit of rest is not all that works. There are some important factors that you need to keep in mind when working out. Here we have enlisted those factors.

7 Factors Affecting the Efficacy of your Workout:

When you are working out some areas need to be adapted according to individual requirements. Read on to know why your workout is not working the way it should. Following are the factors that impact your workout and its outcomes.


Dehydration can give rise to many problems in your body. When you are working out the need to stay appropriately hydrated becomes even dire. When you are dehydrated and you continue working out it can lead to:

Muscle cramps
Poor recovery and the increased probability of injuries.

As you work out, you lose water from the body.


To replenish this it is crucial to keep hydrating yourself before, after, and even when exercising. Another important point to keep in mind is the quantity of water. if you do not drink for hours glugging few glasses at a time would be of no good. Our body can only hold 500ml at a time. any amounts in excess of it pass out without hydrating your systems. So drinking regularly is important.

Work-Rest Proportions:

Do you know why your trainer keeps emphasizing the rest between reps and exercises? This is to enable the body and muscles to renew their energy. Humans happen to have three energy supply levels which are:

ATP- which fuels any physical activity which lasts for 15 seconds.

Anaerobic system- which fuels exercise lasting for up to 90 seconds.

Then is the aerobic system which fuels strenuous exercises lasting longer than 90 seconds.

Now your rest time between exercises depends upon which energy system have you been using. Depending upon the length of each bout of exercise you can manipulate how much rest your body needs to reset. For ATP system rest will last for 30-50 seconds. For anaerobic it will for 1-3 minutes. Regarding aerobic system ratio for work and rest will be 1:1.

Nutritional Considerations:

Dieting is not a quick fix to years of gaining weight. Crash diets and restricted eating plans only work temporarily. Research shows that people tend to gain the weight they lost dieting quickly as soon as they stop dieting.

So the goal should be to change lifestyle and not just diet. Ensure to incorporate healthy choices and good eating habits throughout your day. Fueling your body in the right way before and after is also very critical to how your body performs in a workout session.

A good meal 60-90 minutes before a workout should contain healthy fats, a portion of protein and carbohydrates as well. If there is lesser duration between a meal and a workout go for a snack with protein and quick digesting carbs. Post work out fuel your body with protein and some carbs. To know more about proper diet with a workout book an appointment or online consultation with the best nutritionist in Lahore or any other main city of Pakistan.

Sleep And Rest Matter:

The importance of proper sleep cannot be emphasized enough. When you are working out rest particularly sleep becomes significantly important. For those who want to build muscles, sleep is essential. During sleep muscle growth and repair of muscles take place. Overindulgence in exercise puts the body in catabolic mode. This is when the body draws energy from muscles. It can lead to results contrary to the aim of exercising.

This is why rest days are important. You would see that even elite athletes have their rest days.


If you usually work out, walk, or jog alone grouping up with like-minded people may boost your motivation and energies. Also, it is easier to get up and head to a workout if you have a fun workout buddy. The socialization factor adds to your confidence and you increases tolerance as well a study at Oxford reports.

working out

Time of Exercise:

If you are unable to do exercise first thing in the morning remember afternoon exercise plans have their own benefits. These are linked to anti-aging effects as well. To know more about how to keep your skin younger looking as you age book an appointment with the best skin specialist in Karachi or any other main city of Pakistan.


If you are taking any medicines it is a good idea to inform the doctor that you are exercising. Also, some over-the-counter drugs like those for flu can lead to drowsiness. Ibuprofen and decongestants can elevate blood pressure. Consult your physician to suggest you the best time to take medicines. You can log on to to find and consult the best general physician in Islamabad or any other main city of Pakistan. To make access to healthcare even easier Marham is offering an online consultation facility as well. Now you can get a consultation of a doctor right from the comfort of your home. Taking care of your health has never been more convenient.

Tweaking your current regime a little with all these basics can lead to better results and performance as well. It will not only help you stay on track but enable you to get the best out of it.

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