Ladies Manage Urinary Incontinence With These 5 Helpful Tips

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Women suffer from urinary incontinence due to a number of reasons. Pregnancy and age being the biggest contributing factors here. But having urinary continence or any other ailment for that matter does not mean you have to give up on things you love to do. There always is a way out. All you need is to stay positive and seek right advise and then stick to it.

Here are some tips to make things better for ladies suffering from urinary incontinence.

Get Moving:

We cannot stress this enough. Exercise is the key to a healthy body and healthy mind alike. Indulge in core strengthening exercises such as pilates. These strengthen your pelvic floor that means better control on your bladder muscles. Yoga is also helpful to increase core strength and can improve the ability of the body to hold urine. For further guidance, you can consult a gynecologist in Islamabad, or any other main city of Pakistan using

Forced Bathroom Breaks:

Forced urination to avoid leakage or not going when you actually need to go badly affect your bladder.  This leads to a strain on bladder muscles which weakens them. so do not push your body beyond its limits. This helps to keep your muscles functioning normally and does not further worsen the problem of incontinence.

Be Positive:

You cannot get rid of any ailment overnight. There is no magic cure. But you can help your body by being positive. Do not stress and panic. Stay motivated and believe that you can get over this.

Avoid Diuretic Beverages:

Diuretic beverages like caffeinated drinks and alcohol cause frequent urination and add to leakage. Know what beverages you should avoid. Water and cranberry juice are good options. If you are excessively bothered by incontinence book an appointment with a gynecologist in Karachi, or any other main city of Pakistan using

Stay Hydrated:

It might appeal you to drink less to cut on bathroom trips. However, it is not advisable to limit your water intake. Dehydration leads to acidic urine which can damage your bladder. Staying hydrated has numerous other health benefits as well.
Further, you should also avoid acidic foods. These can aggravate the problem of incontinence. Pace fluid intake uniformly throughout the day. Stop liquid intake two hours ahead of your bedtime. Key is to listen to your body and save the strain.

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