Lahore’s Traffic. It’s Not Just Messing With Your Head But Skin Too.

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We all know about the factor that our ancestors had some really smooth and silky skin. But we no longer have such smooth skin. What is the reason behind it? Let’s just discuss this serious matter because all of us want to pretty face with flawless hands and feet.

One of the big reason behind pimples, scars, oil, and dirt on the skin is noisy traffic with toxic chemicals. We all know which city in Pakistan is the hub of all these traffic issues. Yes! It is LAHORE. Lahoris are not only famous for yummilicious food buy also for uncontrollable traffic. In this article, we will discuss how cruel is this traffic for our skin and how we can sort out this problem.

Skin Aging:

From pollution due to traffic and toxic chemicals the most common problem we Lahori’s are facing is skin aging. Wrinkles and scars are fading away the beauty and people are more looking aged. None of us actually want to look aged before the age. Especially young girls are facing more worry with the aging factor before their age.


Sun is not the only cause of all the tan on the face. Traffic pollution is also responsible for this. This pollution is causing dark spots and tan, especially on cheek and forehead. Tanning is actually very lost lasting issue so most of us hate it. Sunblock and covers are often not very helpful in this tanning issue.


Hey girls! I know 7 out of 10 are suffering from this irritable issue because it can ruin all the beauty at once. Acne is not easily curable. Many people claim that this occurs just because of hormonal disturbance but traffic pollution is also a huge fact for this problem.

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We can make some simple habits to prevent all skin problems. It’s all about your looks and personality so do not compromise on it. Here are the tips that you must follow.

    • Stay hydrated and drink enough water.
    • Wash your face just after getting home from horrible traffic.
    • Use sunblock and use it with the consultation of a good dermatologist.
    • Use natural mask and remedies often.

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