Learn The 5 Easy Hacks For How To Stop Crying!

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Crying is a natural phenomenon and a natural reaction to every situation. Be it a surprise, bad news, shock or any other situation, a person’s first reaction is to cry. Apart from that, 2020 has given us various major reasons to cry. Consequently, you might’ve already googled “how to stop crying,” because all of us have already had enough. There are two types of people, one, who can not stop crying and the others who can’t even cry at any cost. Well, I am the second one as it has been years and I haven’t yet identified why I can’t cry as others do. Moreover, the most awkward part is when you have to console a crying person. Because that is what I have never learned to do.
The first thing to realize is that crying is absolutely normal, and there are no rules or quotas involved in crying. Not everyone turns out to be like me.

But, if that tearing up upsets you makes you seem absurd, here are a few tips that might help you. Keep scrolling!

The Easy Tips To Make Your Way Out From Crying

Crying is something very normal and a person who cries a lot certainly has a loving and caring heart, so, there isn’t anything wrong with it. But still, there are a few techniques discussed by the professionals, that can help you keep yourself calm and composed.

1. Do Not Convince Yourself To Not Cry

Convincing yourself not to cry works like talking yourself out of your anxious feelings. Does it work? No!. Similarly, trying to talk yourself out of crying probably won’t be helpful as well. For a situation like this, try talking to yourself and try convincing yourself that whatever you are feeling is normal and you can manage triggers and coping going forward. But the worst time to convince yourself not to cry is while it is happening.

2. Use Another Action Or Activity To Keep Yourself Busy

If you have a major meeting coming ahead, or an event you’ve been waiting for for ages, you get anxious. Because of that, you feel like crying and but you try to keep it together. If that is a situation you’re in, watch a quick YouTube video that makes you laugh a little bit or diverts your attention from the situation.

3. Try Taking Deep Breaths

If you are anxious and it makes you cry, try the best to divert your attention as soon as you can. Find an activity that helps you cheer up, get hold of your pet and if all these do not work, taking deep breaths is the best way to battle this situation.

4. Learn About The Grounding Technique

Whenever you feel anxious or feel like you might start crying, look around and start pointing out everything that’s red. This is a coping strategy that is also known as a grounding technique that helps you calm down.
Moreover, to help you calm down, there is a 5-4-3-2-1 practice.

This practice is based on acknowledging:

  • 5 things you can see around you
  • 4 things you can touch
  • 3 things you can hear
  • 2 things you can smell
  • 1 thing you can taste

This technique helps you calm down without any judgment and further problems.

5. Find Ways That Soothe You

For many people, crying is soothing, as soon as they cry or are done crying, they feel relieved and easy. The best thing is to soothe yourself by identifying that it is okay the way you’re feeling. As some people find crying a soothing phenomenon, many people out there feel it makes them worse.
Our body gives us signs. Just like yawning means we need sleep, crying could be a sign that there are some things that need your attention. So even if you don’t feel like crying. Learn from the tears that you need attention.

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