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Pakistan’s Healthcare

Pakistan is a developing country with multiple challenges and our authorities are unable to provide for the needy countrymen. Consequently, access to healthcare is limited. Development in expertise and skills is hamstrung. Treatments, equipment and facilities are not available. The ratio of deaths has been increasing since the last few years. Many of you must have lost your loved ones to diseases which were not properly treated. All of us has lost someone to a helpless situation but obviously, this can not go on like this forever.

People from Pakistan have been travelling to India for treatments where the private sector and charitable hospitals have established a vast network of modern healthcare facilities and offer highly competent surgeons and physicians.

Travelling Overseas For Treatment

However, travelling to India for Pakistanis is laden with obstacles at every step of the way. From the initial visa processing to the not-so-friendly welcome, bureaucratic red tape in accepting donor credentials, an adverse exchange rate and spiralling hidden charges. These make the whole experience long, arduous and expensive.

On the other hand, a person I know just arrived back to Pakistan after a very pleasant and comfortable trip from Turkey. Making it clear, it was a treatment trip he was on. From that day all we’ve heard about is how well he has been treated and how comfortably he has spent his time there. Their food, welcoming environment and above all, their doctor’s behaviour and concern is commendable. He got his liver transplant done successfully and is now spending his life like every other normal individual. I’ve heard he was in contact with the doctors even after coming back. They made sure he’s in good shape.

What Marham Offers

After the recent neck to neck situation with India, it has now become impossible to travel and get treated there. Seeing the unconcerned behaviour of our authorities, Marham has taken the initiative to provide an alternative to India that provides world-class hospitals, best practice in medicine, highly skilled surgeons, a friendly country and a halal culture where the call to prayer sounds in your ears. Welcome to Turkey

We Provide almost everything from online consultations to diagnosis, treatment planning, treatment booking, visa processing, hand holding in turkey from meet and greet at the airport through treatment, recovery and final check up to farewell at the airport and aftercare in Pakistan following your return.

Popular Liver Specialist In Turkey:

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