Lung Transplant Procedure In Turkey

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Just a few months ago, a person I knew lost his life because of the lack of medical attention that his health required. He was in a serious condition and was recommended to get a lung transplant done as soon as he could. After consulting many doctors in different cities here in Pakistan all he got told was to travel to India and get the transplant done. There were not enough resources that could heal him so he applied for an Indian visa and got rejected. After a few failed attempts, as the wait got longer, he was left with no other option and succumbed to his health.

Lung Transplant Treatment In India

An unfit pair of lungs means your life is in danger. Not being able to breathe on your own, being bound to machines is a trouble in itself. The situation is difficult for the person but it is even more difficult for the people around them. The feeling of being helpless is unexplainable. In this situation, not being able to do something is even more upsetting. Many people are recommended to travel to India for any type of transplant done. India is the closest to Pakistanis considered as the first priority for any type of treatment. But it has its own issues.

The process of travelling to India is not less than a hustle. Applying for a visa and wondering if it’ll be approved or not, is what the patient wants to avoid. Whereas people who are travelling to Turkey are returning with the best of their health and are satisfied to the extent that they never stop talking about it. About how they were welcomed, transported to the hotel, hospital and then back to Pakistan. It is told to be a smooth journey and is all included in the package they offer.

Lung Transplant In Turkey

Empathising with such people here in Pakistan, Marham decided to introduce a solution for it. We understand that providing quality health treatment for a loved one is difficult. There are thousands of things which you have to take care of. Marham is ecstatically introducing our collaboration with the most competent doctors in Turkey for the best treatments for you. The transplant -which was somehow were not dealt in Pakistan and people were travelling to India- are now available in Turkey through Marham’s platform.

The first thing you have to do is to explain all your medical condition to your doctor through online consultation. You will then get a customised treatment plan created by us which will have multiple services. Marham has decided to take over all your travelling and treatment responsibilities in a lesser budget than any other place offering it. Not only your treatment responsibilities, your accommodation, local travelling and food are also included in what you’ll be paying. Plus a sponsored visa, so no need to worry about getting your visas approved first. If someone requires a personal attendant and a translator, that will be provided too. All in the amount you will pay.

What can be more economical than getting treated in the best environment and by the best package that you are being offered.
If you find it attractive and are planning to travel for your treatment, start ringing us so we can schedule your first online consultation with your doctor and you’ll be flying off to Turkey soon. We will be glad to welcome you back to the best of your health. Get your consultation scheduled as soon as possible so we can start preparing your package!

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