Magical Food To Increase The Power Of Kid’s Brain

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Health is indeed wealth. In Pakistan malnutrition in kids is very common. Malnourished kids not just don’t progress in school but also fail to complete everyday tasks actively. Healthy diet fulfills the nutritional requirement of children and helps them to boost their growth significantly.

In this article, we will focus on those special foods that can increase the power of your child’s brain by making their memory sharp and can increase their ability to focus and concentrate. Just like our bodies, Brain absorbs nutrients from our food, so why not along with satisfying your kid’s taste bud, nourish their brain as well? You can also book the best pediatric specialist in Pakistan from

Following Are 5 Superfoods That is Excellent For Your Kid’s Brain:

  • Eggs

Eggs are full of proteins and yolks are full of Choline which is an important nutrient that improves our memory to the manifold. You can start your kid’s day by giving them eggs in breakfast. You can give those eggs in any form, boil it, make its omelet or make them Fried egg (Sunny side up). It will fulfill their nutritional need for the morning. In addition to it, organic eggs are always better than the other ones.

  • Vegetables

Vegetables are packed with nutrients that can boost the development of the brain in kids. To keep the brain healthy; colorful vegetables are full antioxidants that specifically maintain brain cells healthy. As a mother, we suggest you introduce vegetables in the very beginning of a child’s eating schedule this will help them to develop their taste and they will like to eat later as well. Super vegetables to incorporate in kids’ diet are broccoli, carrots, peas, potatoes, tomatoes, etc. Add them in soup or toss them in their favorite food. You can also book the best pediatric specialist in Lahore from

  • Dairy Products

Milk and yogurt are rich in calcium they not just strengthen our bones but also rich in Vitamin B that are necessary for the growth of Brain tissue. In addition to it, Milk is rich in Vitamin D which boosts intelligence. You can give dairy products in any form such as milk, yogurt, cheese or give them smoothies.

Kid's brain
Kid’s brain
  • Meat

Lean meat specifically is an excellent source of iron that helps to keep kids’ energy level high and make their concentration level high. Beef is rich in Zinc that sharpens memory. Either grill, fry or make kebabs of it and do give them meat to boost their brain.

  • Berries

Be it be strawberry, raspberry, blueberry or even cherry they are full of nutrients and their antioxidant properties sharpen the memory of kids. They are rich in Vitamin C that helps to absorb iron in our body. In addition to it, their seeds are packed with Omega-3 that maintains the functioning of the brain. You can also book the best pediatric specialist in Karachi from

Kid's brain
Kid’s brain

So what are you waiting for; make your child’s plate full of colors; add dry fruits, fruits, vegetables, dairy, and meat and watch them stand out in a crowd. You can always book an appointment with a nutritionist to get a healthy diet plan for your kid.

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