Maintaining Healthy Weight with Age

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Healthy weight at all ages is very desirable for your overall health as it can control and prevent diseases and some worse conditions. If you are fat or overweight you are at risk for serious illnesses, you can suffer from heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, and even cancer too. When you maintain your ideal weight throughout your life or as you grow old you prevent yourself from developing health-related problems. Your energy level remains high as you eat healthy and fresh food. It has been seen as age increases weight also increases but you need to make some effort to keep it under control it may be hard but not impossible.

Obesity Kills:

When you are obese you have extra amounts of fat around your muscles and bones, you consume high caloric food and with a very limited physical activity you start gaining weight but you should know obesity kills it is beneficial to stay at your ideal weight for you to function better. To know more about obesity you can book an appointment with the best nutritionist in Pakistan from There are some factors that promote healthy weight

Weight management
Weight management


  1. It includes our surrounding/ environment.
  2. Maybe it’s in our family to be overweight.
  3. Your metabolism is also a key factor.
  4. And of course, your behavior and habits count too.

For a healthy weight, you need to balance your energy levels too.

How to Balance Energy:

Balancing energy is very crucial for healthy weight maintenance throughout your life when you eat or drink you get calories and energy and you balance it by simple things your body does like digesting, breathing and exercising these things balance your energy and keep your weight under control. Balance your IN and OUT of energy factors for maintaining your desired weight.

Weight management
Weight management

How to Effectively Loss Weight:

  1. Follow proper healthy diet daily.
  2. You need to reduce your daily amount of calories by 500 if you want to lose weight.
  3. Be physically active more.

Tips for Healthy Weight:

Take the challenge of achieving a healthy weight by not losing hope and try to limit the time you spent on your couches. Make positive changes in your lifestyle even if you can’t exercise due to age factor. If you want to manage weight and need help you can book Best nutritionist in Lahore from 

Few Most Popular Nutritionist:

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