Makeup and Acne: The Toxic Relationship That Needs to Break Up

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I as a guy can understand the plight of those women who love makeup but have acne. Not because I personally use makeup or anything – my sisters have tried a lot to do that though – but because I have been in toxic relationships. Folks, girls, guys, or whoever of you that like makeup, I’m going to make your life easier today. The thing is that while makeup and acne might appear to have a toxic relationship all over your face, every relationship can be broken.

Today we are all here to celebrate this beautiful occasion and throw a breakup party with three tips or observations listed below!

Do NOT Sleep with Your Makeup On

Important disclaimer: a makeup is not a beauty mask! I know washing your face after a night out at your cousin’s wedding is a hassle. I know clearing the makeup after an extra shift at work is a bother. Do you know who does not share that opinion? Your skin pores.

Every night you leave your makeup on, they sing songs of grief and turmoil and despair. The problem is that these songs don’t go anywhere: they remain written all over your face in acne. Ladies, please, give your pores a rest and clean off that beautiful mess off your face. Wash it off, wipe it off or just remove it, whatever term you are into. Remember, this is something for which you have to find the motivation to do yourself; the entire line of skin specialists in Lahore, or Karachi, or wherever you come from, cannot make you do it if you’re a stubborn, lazy gal!

Do NOT Share Your Makeup Kit

Yes, dear beautiful readers, leave your friends out the gates of your makeup kits! Likewise, stay out of their kits as well. When girls share their makeup with each other they are not just sharing the different brushes and foundations, they are sharing oils and bacteria (yummy, right?). This might cause breakouts of acne or even infection as, while your friend is friends with their bacteria, you certainly are not!

So, however tightly knit and sisterly you gals are, do NOT extend this sisterhood to your makeup kit.

Avoid Comedogenic Makeup

Simply put, comedogenic stuff close to your pores is the same thing to your skin as Sahir close to Noori is for the emotional state of Bhola; it’s just bad! The issue is that comedogenic makeup clogs your pores and acne is actually caused by pores clogging up. Good news is that makeup products often indicate whether they are comedogenic or not.

Do keep in mind that many times certain small changes in your routine or life result in bigger benefits later. So, opt for more breathable options for your kit!

The Bottom Line

While it might seem tempting to not do all of the above and just go with how the rest of your friends operate, I implore you to realize that not every poison your friends take needs to be shared. Let them poison themselves – I am obviously kidding; share these tips with them and get them out of that acne filled rut as well. Persuade them that this marriage between acne and makeup is real and that it needs to go! They do not belong on our faces and should be divorced immediately!

Another thing you need to understand is that these tips are not for those who have severer cases of acne. However, if you are one of them, fret not, for we have an entire list of the best skin specialists in Lahore just a click away. Shaitan will stop you from going there, but we must not give in! So, head on over to our website and search through our section of skin specialists in Lahore to book an appointment.

Folks, we’re now gathered here, to celebrate the breakup of acne and makeup. May they never reunite and may their relationship be dead for as long as possible. While we know how much they would love to get back together, we will not let our skins be their humble abodes any longer!


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