A Large Percent of Male Population Suffers from Male Infertility, But Do We Know Its Solution?

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Do you know that 87% of MEN with sexual issues risk their lives in hands of hakeems and fake doctors? Male infertility has become increasingly common in Pakistan and is associated with lots of social pressure and taboos. Men remain silent about this problem which aggravates the issue creating more problems for them and their family.

It has been found that 90% of the male infertility cases are curable if treated properly. Now you don’t need to suffer in silence as you can get authentic advice with privacy and respect through Curemen Online Clinic. Let’s take a look at what causes male infertility and how Marham has provided its solution.

Causes of Male Infertility:

  • Dietary Habits
  • Less Exercise
  • Smoking
  • Drugs and Steroids
  • Alcohol
  • Steam Bath

Marham Curemen Online Clinic:

Curemen Online Clinic is the best solution for males facing the problem of male infertility. It can be regarded as the easiest and most authentic way of treating male infertility. Through Curemen Online Clinic, you can talk to a qualified sexologist through your phone/laptop and get authentic advice. This clinic has some special perks in terms of its authenticity of advice and easy accessibility:

curemen online clinic marham

You don’t have to go to a hospital/clinic

You can just talk to a doctor by Marham App or website and get advice from an experienced sexologist regarding your issue.

Full Privacy with no waiting time

Your privacy is fully intact in Curemen Online Clinic. Your identity will not be revealed to anyone.

Avoid Fake Doctors/Hakeems

Many quacks are dealing with the problem of male infertility. Through this clinic, you are assured to consult a qualified sexologist that can help you with your issue.

How does it work?

Curemen Online Clinic works in three incredibly easy steps:

Book Your Consultation:

In the first step, all you need to do is click on the book session button and send a request for the consultation.

Pay the Fee

In the second step, select the payment method and our representative will call you and guide you how you can pay for the consultation.

Consult with the sexologist:

Your consultation will be scheduled for a fixed time. Download the Marham App, we will send you a link on your number and by clicking on that you can consult the sexologist.

Sexologists in Curemen Online Clinic:

Dr. Fawad Nasrullah:

Dr. Fawad Nasrullah is a highly qualified doctor and practices as a Urologist at Latif Hospital, Lahore and Ammar Medical Complex, Lahore. He is a consultant urologist, and a of male sexual health, infertility, erectile dysfunction, andrology and other urological issues. He has nineteen years of experience and is one of the doctors available for consultation in Curemen Online Clinic.

Dr. Muhammad Asif Baloch:

Dr. Asif Baloch is a highly qualified doctor and practices as a Urologist at Iqraa Medical Complex, Lahore. You can get a consultation from him via Curemen Online Clinic.

Patient Reviews:

Curemen Online Clinic has helped 2675 men. untill now. Here is a short video explaining how this clinic works and a review from a patient.


If you’re suffering from male infertility and don’t know what to do, Marham Curemen Online Clinic is the place for you to go. To book a consultation, visit Curemen Online Clinic and get yourself the best advice and treatment. In case you need a physical examination, you can book an appointment with sexologist in Islamabad or any other city via marham.pk.

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