Marham and HamariWeb Join Hands for Improving Healthcare Services in Pakistan

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Pakistan’s largest online healthcare startup Marham has announced a fraternization with a leading web portal in Pakistan HamariWeb. The purpose of this conjunction is to revamp and further smarten the contribution of both the stakeholders towards health sector. This collaboration is expected to greatly recuperate the patient experience regarding the search of an authentic doctor, booking appointments online, online consultation and medical tourism in Pakistan.

On this occasion Ehsan Imam Founder and CEO of vowed reflecting back on the journey of Marham:

Our vision from day one is to facilitate patients with easy accessibility of authentic doctors. Partnering with HamariWeb will help a lot of people who are looking for information or an appointment with the doctor.”

Abrar Ahmed founder and CEO of HamariWeb also expressed delight on this auspicious occasion saying that

From the initial days of; we are keen to provide the valuable information to our dedicated online visitors. Partnering with MARHAM will provide an edge to our Health section. Joining hands with MARHAM will be a value-added facility that can provide patients the most authenticated and reliable source to contact health professionals. “

HamariWeb boosts an audience of over 15 million which truly is indicative of their quality content and amazing services. Being Pakistan’s largest online web portal they are in right position to help ease the search for those finding an authentic doctor.

Marham came into being with a mission so truly stated as:

“Together we can share the burden of those fighting a disease”

Years down the lane Marham stands tall to its initial moto. Today Marham has 15,000+ doctors on board, catering to 18 specialties and helping almost 10,000 people every day to book an appointment and answering their queries with authentic information from relevant doctors and surgeons. Adding value to user experience are services like online consultation, teleconsultation, second opinion, subsidized cosmetic deals and services for international patients.

We see this partnership as a great milestone towards improvement in health care services in Pakistan.

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