Marham Is One Step Ahead In Digital Healthcare.

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It was more like a dream to get good health services in Pakistan. It was even beyond imagination to think about getting all services on time with just a few clicks. In my teenage, I use to travel to different cities of Pakistan just because of my father’s profession. I analyzed that in remote areas of Pakistan medical services are really poor and not really timely. I use to wish that there must be someone who thinks and take a step in all these areas too.
I think my wish came true and here “Marham” is doing all the wonders in the medical field of Pakistan. From immediate and timely bookings of appointment to online consultation and what not. Marham is working day and night for the wellbeing of humanity. It’s expanding and providing more services. Here are some services that all of us always wanted in our life.

Book Appointment.

It is no more a difficult task to find a doctor in case of emergency and on time. Now you don’t need to sit for hours and hours in wait of a doctor. Even you can book an appointment while traveling, meeting, or sitting at home. All you need to do is visit Marham’s website or call at 12 hours active call center. Your doctor is just a click away and it’s all over Pakistan.

Online consultation.

Now, this is the real wonder. In all 1st world developed countries, people are not wasting time on long queues and waiting rooms. They are taking advice from their doctors through video or audio calls. Yes! I know we need it too and it’s here. From Marham, you can take the second opinion, prescription, and advice from your doctor with video or audio call. Now the question is why online consultation when you can visit your doctor and get physical treatment. Actually, we are living in such an era that only needs immediate and urgent things. Either it is work or health no one wants to wait.
The online consultation is a service that can sort out the problem of timely needs.

GP Online Clinic.

Now it is very simple to get a consultation with the general practitioner when you don’t feel like walking a few steps. All the prescriptions and opinions are user-friendly. Getting minor or major opinions are as easy as buying online clothes and stuff.

CureMen Online clinic.

Men are not very expressive in explaining their problems and disease. To ensure the privacy and health of male Marham is offering an online clinic that will specifically treat men’s issues. It is now easy to keep your secrecy and health on the same path. You can consult with a urologist and sexologist with a single audio or video call.

PCOS Online Clinic.

Every woman needs special attention. There is a common disease regarding women and that is “Infertility”. This disease is the subordinate of PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) which may also include obesity, hormonal issues, excessive hair growth, and irregular periods. With privacy, care and best gynecologist, Marham want to teach and treat all women about PCOS and its cure.

Psychology Online Clinic.

Depression and anxiety are getting on everyone’s nerves. Sometimes it is happening due to societal behavior and sometimes because of chronic diseases. You can take online consultation and get rid of depression and other psychological diseases.

Weight loss Online Clinic.

Obesity is a major cause of many other diseases. If I would start naming them all then you are going to just read and read. To get perfect portion control diet plan without visiting and weighting for long you can take service of weight loss clinic from Marham.

Health Blogs.

Do you believe in Google doctor? Well, I do. You can search all the diseases, home remedies and tips from health blogs and it really going to help you.


Marham has an online forum where you can ask your urgent question regarding health with full privacy. You will get a timely response from qualified doctors and specialist. If you want any further consultation with that doctor you can directly hit the book appointment button.

Marham has created awareness about online consultation among people with free online consultation. You can avail the perks of technology and healthcare with Marham.

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