Mask Acne Is The New Problem We’ll Be Facing Now!

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Many of the people around me and me too obviously, are now almost rocking our masks or face coverings all through the day, at work, malls, and wherever we go. It is very much the ‘new normal’ of our lives. Mask is as important as wearing perfumes when we go out, can’t leave it behind, and won’t survive without it. But as everyone knows, excess of everything leads to troubles. Some are felt whereas others are seen.

What are the visibly seen troubles that we are talking about?

What Is Maskne?

Is it me or have you also noticed the breakouts on your skin after wearing masks for longer hours?. If yes, it turns out you’re dealing with “maskne,” a new term used to describe acne caused by wearing a mask.

Do you feel the sweaty, humid feeling you get after wearing a mask for a few hours?. Exactly that is why you are getting that irritation on your skin. That sweat clogs your pores and causes breakouts.

But who cares when we have simple ways to combat that?

Easy Tips To Prevent Mask Acne

There are various easy things that we can do to deal with this condition, though we also do these in our daily routine we need to learn the right way for it!

1. Wash Your Face At least Twice Daily

Whenever you plan to wear a mask, make sure you’ve washed your face and your skin is clean and also, right after you take off your mask. This can reduce the chances of bacteria built up and save you from an excessive acne breakout.

2. Exfoliate Regularly

Get yourself a good scrub and make sure you removing all the dead skin cells with scrubbing to prevent maskne. Scrub your face at least twice a week.

4. Be Easy on The Makeup

The lighter the makeup the better your skin reacts. To avoid having a lot of irritation on your skin, try avoiding the usual makeup you go for and shift to lighter makeup for a while.

5. Use a Clean Mask

Don’t carry the habit of leaving your mask anywhere you feel like, be in your car or bag, wearing that again, and again will cause your skin a bad reaction. If you use a cloth face covering, make sure you wash it daily. Whereas if you use a surgical mask, dispose it off and use a new one daily.

Consult A Doctor Through Your Mobile

If you are suffering from a lot of reaction on your skin and is not improving, get your phone and call a doctor now to consult! To have a video call with the doctor, install the Marham app, and enjoy the healthcare services while sitting back at your home.

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Stay Home Stay Safe!

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