Is it hard for you to remember phone numbers? Here are 3 memory tricks to help you remember everything

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The human mind is a very unpredictable specimen, it can store tons of information in it, and still manage to forget a minor task. Even, scientists are unable to predict the mysteries of the human mind. Humans are unable to use 100 percent of their mental capacity. It might take a lifetime to explore the secrets of the human mind, but the psychologists are able to reveal the secrets of improving the memory of the person.

Below are the solution to the memory problems, if a person has a lot of trouble remembering things, then it is important for them to visit the best psychologist;

Memory Palace

A memory palace is a really good exercise to memorize something new. Memory palace depends on a memory from a person’s past, which he/she remembers clear as a day. Then, the person has to associate the new things he/she learns with the place he/she already known. For instance, a bedroom from the childhood is the memory palace, now the person has to associate new information with the old memory. This process helps in remembering new things, which can be very effective.

Initials or Mnemonics

Mnemonics are the best way to realize a list of new information. Mnemonics are the words made by joining the initial letters of the new words. These mnemonics are helpful because they shorten the new information and allows the brain to memorize it. It might take some time in the beginning, but with the passage of time, the brain starts to understand the pattern of the new techniques.


Visualization is a very helpful technique, in which a person visualizes the new information given to him/her. The individual has to make an imagine in the mind, then try to remember it. It takes a lot of time for a person to get accommodated with the concept of visualization. But, once a person gets comfortable with it, he/she can benefit from it in their normal lives.

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