Men Vs Women? Do You Know Who Is Winning?

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Men vs women fights are in trend since forever. No matter what is the relation between them? They will compare and argue for no reason. This is also a real fact that women are able to take good care of their grooming but on the other hand, men are a bit careless about self-grooming.

So for all those who are looking for some real time advice for self-grooming must read out this tiny piece of write up. This will really help you out and motivate you to take out time for good care of themselves. If you are thinking that you have been through so many advice and nothing actually worked then you are on wrong track. Just keep reading because it’s all about “how you are going to be apple of women’s eye”.

Don’t do minor mistakes.

Yes! Minor mistakes are actually major one. Don’t skip these mistake. So what are these mistakes? Personal hygiene is very important and men sometimes do not bother it. Pay extra attention to that. Your beard, nails, your looks, and everything are important. Women actually pay attention to all these very minor things.

Classy talk.

Talk in a classy way. Obviously, the first impression is the last one. Once you are done with that impression no one is going to care about what else you are going to do later. You can even take consultation with the psychologist for proper self-confidence counseling.

Be Humble.

Humbleness is rare yet classy. You may have noticed all successful people are humble. They are not at all arrogant. Arrogant behavior can ruin your groomed personality and even people will start disliking you. The question arises here is which thing persuade you for being arrogant? Wealth? Handsome personality? Or intelligence? If all of these are in you still there is no need to get arrogant.

Don’t compare.

Comparing yourself with others and even with women are a sign of losers. You are you and this is your specialty. No one can replace you or be like you. Do not believe any disgraceful speech or act.
Positive thinking is an art. So be an artist.

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