Mental health, Why depression needs attention?

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On 9 June 2018, a very heart-wrenching incident occurred. A Frenchman committed suicide in the holiest place of earth “Makkah, Grand Mosque”. Unfortunately, this act was caught in camera and went viral all over the social media. No one knows the reason behind this act but it put many of us in deep grieve. There were thousands of comments, argues and experts advice on this event. People without thinking a minute just pass comments that the person was “Kafir” or directly “Juhanami”.

At this point, there is a need to find out why this event even happened? Why that person choose the holiest place to do so? Are we flexible enough to give space to a person so that he/she can share what kind of depression is haunting? We need to discuss mental health in our whole society. Counseling can make a big change.
There are some key points that can educate a bit every and make difference in society. You can also book the best Psychiatrist in Pakistan via

Put yourself in someone else shoe

There is no doubt that we are very quick in judgments. Few people among us that really understands that mental illness is also a disease. Reason behind this ignorance is less or no education about mental health, cruel behaviors and criminal minds. Before judging anyone situation try to put yourself in other’s shoes. Try to think that what are the reasons that someone agrees with taking his own life. Be enough flexible that you can understand what is the reason behind depression. You can also book the best Psychiatrist in Karachi via

Mental health Awareness
Mental health Awareness

Crimes and depression

Many people are suffering from depression that is related to crimes. Blackmailing, bullying, dowry, hunger, unemployment and lots of other facts that are creating more mental illness in our country and many regions of the world. We cannot stop all these curse but we can contribute to discuss to eliminate any of it. We can also organize seminars to educate our youth. Because many problems are transferred from our ancestors and youth may want a real change.

Talking is a therapy

Sometimes the one who is suffering from mental illness really need to talk that’s it. It is not necessary to always make an advice. Let others speak and just listen to them. This is the way to relax other or find out why they are suffering from depression. You can also book the best Psychologist in Islamabad via

Mental health Awareness
Mental health Awareness

We as a human are going toward digitalization and advancement in every field than why not in “Being Human”. A friendly smile can change the whole day of someone. It takes nothing to talk with a smile and generous attitude. But it can give a new life and hope to someone’s life.

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