Alarming Situation: How To Not Let Others Effect Your Mental Health?

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No matter what we say or what we do still there are some people in our life who say things to us that feel really bad. Sometimes we ignore them and sometimes we end up carrying along the feelings we are left with. Most of us take our mental health for granted and keep denying the fact that such feelings can lead us to anxiety and depression. After all, we all are human and words can hurt as bad as physical injury. But it’s a dilemma of our society that we don’t take mental health seriously and such ignorance is leading us to an alarming situation.

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There are different types of people in this world and you have to deal with them on regular basis. What hurts to your body can be seen easily but what hurts to your feelings and mind cannot be seen. However, it can leave you feeling frustrated, rejected, embarrassed, discouraged, depressed or miserable. Holding on to your feelings, anger, and hurt can affect your mental health. But you should learn how to cope with your feelings and how not to let others affect your mental health.

Talk With People:

Silence is not the solution! You have to talk with people and tell them what’s hurting your mind and feelings. At times, we want to say many things to the people but we keep holding them inside our mind. We think by responding or reacting we will lose our credibility and it’s inappropriate to do. However, things are not like that, by talking you might resolve the issue and misunderstandings.

Depression and mental health
Depression and mental health

Share Your Feelings:

Your social circle is your biggest support. If you’re struggling with mental health issues then share it with others. Tell them about your thoughts, feelings, and reason behind such issues. If you’re afraid of “What people will think about you?” then don’t think about people (kuch tou loug kahein gy, logoun ka kam hai kehna). Mental health issues are not something to be ashamed of. It’s just as real as having a fever. Now, no one would be ashamed of having a fever, right? Then you shouldn’t be ashamed of having any mental health issue as well. You can consult with the best psychologist in Islamabad through

Don’t Compare Your Life With Others:

You know what “confidence is when you stop comparing yourself with others”. Be confident and love your own life. Your life might not be perfect, so what? No one’s life is perfect! If you’re stressed because you see people so happy and chill on social media, know that social media is a big lie and deception. You can’t judge anyone’s life just by seeing their pictures and posts on social media. Why would anyone post about bad things going on in their life? Everyone looks having a happening life on social media but it might not be true. Now it’s making sense to you, right? That’s how it is. As they say “comparison is the thief of joy”. So, never ever compare your life with others.

Don’t Let People Talk Bad Things About Yourself:

If you see someone is being rude to you and talking bad things about yourself then ask them to stop right away. You don’t need to be rude as well, in fact, you can say this nicely and politely. By doing this, you’re showing another side of yourself to people. This side of yours is taking a stand for yourself and this will make people think twice before messing up with you again. Those individuals who don’t have enough courage to take stand for their self always end up in becoming depressed and frustrated. You can easily get an online appointment with the best psychologist in Karachi through

Nothing Is Going Right? It’s OK!

  • You didn’t score high on your exams? It ok! At least you’ve tried your best.
  • You parents yelled at you? It’s ok! There are some people who don’t even have parents.
  • You can’t achieve what you’ve desired for? It’s ok! There might be something better than this for you.
  • You’ve lost your phone? It’s ok! Somewhere, someone might have just lost his friend.
  • You think your life is worthless? Stop thinking in this way. There might be someone of your age who’s battling cancer and praying to live more.

Be thankful for what you have and never lose hope. Your inner peace is in your hand. So don’t let anything or anyone affect your mental health.

Depression and mental health
Depression and mental health

Mental health issues should be treated in time because its consequences are extremely dangerous. If you’re having suicidal thoughts then immediately talk with your family or friends and tell them that you’re having such thoughts and you need help. Always remember! It’s perfectly fine to seek help from a psychologist. Self-worth is very important and you’re doing this for yourself. You only live once so value your life.

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