Monsoon Is Here Along With Skin Problems

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Who doesn’t love the season of Monsoon? I think we all do but if you have to choose between a rainy season or a flawless skin, what would you choose? Well, my answer is Beautiful Skin. What’s yours?

Monsoon makes the weather humid and everything else damp; which is an ideal condition for bacteria, viruses, and fungus to breed. Skin-related problems are at their peak during monsoon season mostly because of fungal infections that rain brings along.

Find out some of the most common skin Problems and their remedies below:


Problem: One of the most common skin problems during monsoon is Eczema and breaking out of acne. Eczema is a chronic skin condition and if not treated on time it can make your skin bleed and long lasting patches may appear on the skin. Consult a dermatologist if itching and burning of skin persist.

Remedy: Usage of soft cotton clothes is best in Monsoon; polyester and silk can cause itching on the skin. Moreover, coconut oil can be applied to the infected area it can soothe the burning sensation and itching.

Nail Infection:

Problem: If you have a fungal infection in your nails you will observe that in monsoon it gets worse. Due to humid weather, our body sweats a lot and accumulation of dirt and sweat under your nail can become a cause of nail infections.

Remedy: Use anti-fungal powder to keep your feet and hands dry. In addition to it keep your nails short and try to remove dirt every other week.

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Athlete’s Foot:

Problem: If your feet are exposed to dirty water, it can cause an athlete foot to happen. Skin can turn greenish and itchy patches can appear on the skin.

Remedy: Use anti-bacterial and anti-fungal powders as they can help in soothing your skin. In addition to it, Keep your feet dry and soak your feet in vinegar water to get rid of the bacteria.


Problem: During monsoon have you observed that dark patches on your skin start to appear, especially on the face. Well, it happens because of the overproduction of melanin in your body.

Remedy: Limit the sun exposure and try to keep your skin dry and in extreme cases, a dermatologist can suggest your medication and therapies treat it.

Ringworm Infection:

Problem: Ringworm infection gets worse during monsoon season. Itchy rings appear mostly on the neck, feet or in armpits. It irritates the skin and makes it itchy.

Remedy: Try using over the counter antifungal creams and powders to soothe the itching. Always wear loose, breathable synthetic clothes.

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