Most Viral Winter Allergies, Symptoms And How You Can Avoid them

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So winter is here. Nights and mornings are cold and dry. Although it is the shortest season in Pakistan but the majority people love this season the most. This short time also come up with many issues as well. You can fall sick for the whole 4 or 5 months.

All this happen because of different type of germs that can trigger allergies with seasonal changes. These allergies may look easy but they are really a pain in nerves. Obviously, no one really wants to remain sick for days and days.
In this article, we are going to discuss some very common winter allergies that you might be facing these days. These allergies are really affecting your productivity. But you can simply get rid of them and it’s not just that difficult. Let’s move toward what we really need to know about these winter allergies.

What are the causes?

Before figuring out the allergies let’s highlight the causes of these allergies. In a country like Pakistan which is rapidly moving toward development, constructions are the primary hurdle for a hygienic environment. So the very first cause of allergy is DUST. Alright! We are already gathered with a lot of dust. Mold spores are also one of the cause for allergies in winter. They are mostly found in humid areas and bathrooms.

Animal’s fur is one of the most common cause for allergies in almost every season. Even their saliva is dangerous as well. So keep your pets a hand away from you especially in seasonal change. Pollen is also a cause of allergy but it only triggers to those people who are sensitive to pollens.

winter allergies

Symptoms of Allergies

Although symptoms are really common. You can reconsider as normal fever too. But the only symptom that differentiates allergies with common fever is it can last for weeks if not treated by a good doctor. To find the best general physician in Karachi or any other city you can visit Here are some common symptoms of allergies that you can face during this winter season.

    • Coughing (really badly)
    • Running nose (All the time)
    • Block nose (difficulty in breathing).
    • Itchy eye (redness).
    • Dark circles.
    • Body ache.
    • High fever.
    • Pain in ears (only in one side mostly).
    • Digestion issue.

Now the question is what the most common allergies are and how you can prevent from them. So now I am going to list down all these allergies and preventions.

Woolen Allergy

Wool is a commonly used clothing stuff in winters. But do you know this is the most common cause of allergy in winter as well? It can create itchiness on your skin and rashes too. Some people can experience severe sneezing with these woolen scarfs and sweaters.

If you are experiencing such symptoms then you really need to change your clothing material. Use polyester or knits. Using cheap wool is sometimes causes allergy but in contrast to this using high-quality wool can save your health.

Pet Dander

A trend of keeping a pet in the home is getting really common these days. It’s okay to keep pets but if they are not hygienic enough then they can cause trouble for you. Especially cats fur can be big trouble because they can cause long-term sneezing and allergy. Make sure that your pets are not creating a hurdle for you this winter.
Keep your pets hygienic and use special vaccination timely for them. Try to not get very close to them in this season. Place them in a separate room if you really want to not get affected.

Heaters and Fireplace Smoke

If you are going to get more exposure to heater and fireplace smoke then there are possibilities that you can get an immediate fever. Fireplace smoke especially gives you a nasal allergy.
Running nose, tears from eyes and sneezing can be the result of fireplace smoke. In some cases, it can affect ears as well.

winter allergies

Prevention From Allergies

Luckily with some preventions and healthy habits, you can fix this issue in winter. Follow the steps and it’s perfectly alright for you to enjoy winter’s fun.

    • Wash all the curtains, carpets and clothes before winter. Do not use anything before a proper wash.
    • Wash all the bathrooms so that there are no more molds which can be the cause of allergy.
    • Use hygiene products for personal hygiene.
    • Do not use each other towels and hygiene products. This can spread allergy.
    • Stay awake from dust and you can even use a mask to cover your face for this purpose.
    • Keep your pets a bit away from you.

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When to consult a doctor?

We often ignore minor flu and fever. But these allergies can continue for a long time. If you really want that these allergies do not stay long on your nose then you must consult a doctor. Luckily you can get an online consultation with the best doctor through and do not need to travel a mile.

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Initially, these allergies may look very casual but they are actually not. High fever won’t let you do your task. This winter does not ruin the fun and stay hygienic and healthy.

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