Research: Mouthwash Can Control COVID19, Here’s How!

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October 20, 2020: As we are almost a year into this pandemic, the back-to-back researches that are being done which certainly means to help us out in the best way. But, many end up leaving us confused instead. Similarly, we see new studies and researches every day. Be it covid19 or any other disease, there are various studies denying the ones that have been done before.

Just like that, according to the latest study that has been done, mouthwashes that are antiseptic may have the ability to inactivate COVID19 germs. The research done at the Penn State College of Medicine research study says that these products might be useful for reducing the viral load. If a person that has been infected by COVID19 uses mouthwash, the amount of virus in the mouth after infection can be reduced. Moreover, it can also help to reduce the spread of COVID19.

The researchers who’ve been working on this have found out that the nasal and oral rinses had a strong ability to neutralize COVID19. According to Meyers, the researcher, the results that have been analyzed with mouthwashes are promising, and as it can inactivate COVID19 in similar experimental conditions.

Additionally, Meyers mentions that the next possible step is to conduct a clinical trial that will evaluate whether the products like mouthwashes can effectively control the COVID19 viral spread in positive patients or not. Even if the use of mouthwash reduces the transmission of COVID19 by 50%, it would be a major impact.

The upcoming studies will surely include the investigation of the products that can inactive the COVID19 germs in humans and what are the specific ingredients in the solutions that inactivate the virus.

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