The Mystery of Savant Syndrome

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This world is being under human observation for centuries and so is the medical science. But there still are many unsolved mysteries that continue to amaze mankind. Rarely we may come across people with photographic memories and astonishing talents like making complex calculations in seconds. While this is completely normal to have an amazing memory there is a rare condition called Savant Syndrome that may be the reason behind.

Here we are sharing some facts about “Savant Syndrome” a rare but extraordinary condition that affects people with certain brain disorders especially autism. But Savant Syndrome is not only connected to autism some other CNS changes and brain damage can also be the starting point of this condition.

In Savant syndrome, people with mental disabilities display certain out of the box capabilities and genius that stands in marked, incongruous contrast to the rest of the handicap. One in every 10 autistic persons shows these remarkable abilities to the varying extent. While there is no overarching theory yet to unmask all ambiguities related to this condition remarkable progress has been made to understand this in recent 15 years compared to last 100 years. If your child is suffering from any brain or behavioral disorder log on to Marham to find and consult some of the best neurologists in Karachi, Lahore and all other main cities of Pakistan. The modified ease of access enables you to have an online consultation as well.
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Facts about Savant Syndrome:

A little is known about this condition. Here are some facts about this rare condition:

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    • For reasons unknown, this condition affects men more often as compared to women.
    • People with this syndrome tend to have an outstanding memory that is specifically focused in one area.
    • While these unbelievable abilities are varied mostly observed behaviors include an obsessive preoccupation with the car no. plates, historical dates, and other sundry trivia.
    • Some of the Savants may have mathematical skills and can calculate complex mathematical expressions in seconds.
    • Just as every autistic person is not affected by Savant syndrome similarly every Savant is not autistic.
    • If Savant skills can be trained and prove to be helpful in normalization of language, social and living skills resulting in the increased independence of the individual.
    • Some of the people affected may have outstanding talents in art and music as well. They may listen to a certain tune or a piano concert once and be able to reproduce it as such.

musical talents

    • Some researchers project that abnormalities of anterior temporal lobe may be responsible for this condition.
    • There is no cognitive theory accepted that can explain the combination of talents and deficits in people with savant syndrome.

A human brain is perhaps the biggest mystery in itself. Savvabt syndrome shows there is much more to know that man already does. To date, scientists struggle with hope to better understand the connections and functioning of the brain. New imaging techniques and novel research approaches may help to better investigate this mysterious window exposed by the Savant syndrome. This may not only help improving understanding of savant syndrome but can also shed light on the hidden within all of us.

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