Myths About Brown Sugar and White Sugar

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There is a myth that every type of sugar is harmful to health. We really need to think again about these myths and start admiring the gifts of nature. Excess of everything is bad. But human nature is always bent toward sweet and sugary things. Still many regions in the world need to eliminate the myths about brown sugar and white sugar as well. There are many facts about sugar that we are still not aware of.

Brown sugar production

Brown sugar is just sugar having molasses. It is just molasses that give the sugar color and flavor. Even brown sugar has its varieties. Brown sugar is also considered good for the diet conscious people. There are also processed brown sugar available in the market and not flavored with molasses.

Amazing facts about brown sugar

  1. Natural brown sugar is finely refined rather than processed brown sugar
  2. No harmful chemical used in natural brown sugar.
  3. Flocculants, surfactants, viscosity modifiers and bleaching agents that use in white and processed brown sugar are harmful to human health.
  4. Natural sugar maintains the natural nutrients of sugar cane as well.
  5. Brown sugar is good for digestion.
  6. It also boosts the level of energy in the body.
  7. For people who have asthma should use brown sugar to control the symptoms.

White sugar

Sugar is mostly highly processed. Consumption of white sugar was high when people were unaware of brown sugar. White sugar is also served in cube form as well.

Amazing facts about white sugar

  1. One of the amazing fact about sugar is, it is less processed most of the time.
  2. Sugar is created without pesticides and other harmful elements thus protect the environment as well.
  3. Using sugar can reduce blemish on the skin. It also provides balance in your skin oil.
  4. Elements like phosphorus, calcium, iron, and magnesium are present in white sugar. Thus improve health.
  5. Sugar will give you those calories which give energy to the body.

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