Negative Effects of Negative Emotions on Body.

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Do you ever think about why we people are weak than our ancestors? Our immune system is not very efficient and we can get disturbed with little reactions. There are so many reasons behind it. Unhealthy food, unhealthy activities, Sitting, Smoking, and what not. But there is a reason that many of us are unaware of. Yes! That reason is the negative effects of negative emotions on our health.
Research and medical studies prove that Negative Emotion in our can cause diseases. Somehow we cannot control emotions but there are some that can be controllable if we try. Here are some emotions that can harm our health. For further consultation, you can take help from the best psychologist


Anger is very harmful to the liver. It can affect the flow of blood. When it affects the flow of blood ultimately it will affect the heart and can create a very major and serious issue in no time. Sadly, anger is getting very high these days. We are very less tolerant and ruin our relations due to poor tolerance level. Little issues get worse with anger.


Grief can directly damage the lungs. Yes! Smoking is not the only reason that lungs issues are common. If you are in stress and feeling grief you can suffer from lungs issues and breathing problems as well. Grief needs consoling. Sometimes it’s not easy to bear the loss of a loved one. So to eliminate grief we have to create an easy environment for other people. For further consultation, you can take help from the best psychologist. 


Worry can cause stomach issues. Have you ever felt gas trouble or pain in stomach when there is big tension? This is actually caused by hormonal disturbance. These days majority of people suffers from stomach issues just because of high level of the tense environment.


Stress is basically the root cause of most of the diseases. But it directly affects the brain first. It damage brain tissue create diseases like Alzheimer, tumor, and cancer as well.


Fear can affect kidney directly. It can cause pain and many issues. Kidney failure is a big issue and it has very vast effects. It slowly and other immune system and thus make the path toward death.

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