New Moms; Your Diet Is As Important As Your Baby

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We know, once you deliver a baby your whole world revolves around him/her but mommies this post is dedicated to you. Your diet and nourishment is equally important and to be honest even more important than a baby after all you have to take care of a little human too.

After giving birth to a baby, your body has to suffer from a lot of deficiencies and if you are not going to pay attention to yourself then you are at loss. As these deficiencies can become a cause of chronic diseases later in your life. Please think about losing weight later, for now just focus on healthy diet.

Marham, like always is here to rescue New Moms. We are about to disclose some incredible foods that you must take during your post-partum period.

Dairy Products

Come on! Mommies, you can take time out to get yourself a glass of milk, a bowl of yogurt, or a piece of cheese. Low fat dairy is vital for you; it will strengthen your bones by providing you with Vitamin D and Calcium. Dairy products enhance the milk supply for a baby and strengthen baby’s bones. Each day add at least three cups of dairy in your diet.

Lean Beef

After the birth of your baby, your body is drained out and you need a lot of energy. Lean beef is best to compensate the iron deficiency after a child birth. In addition to it, Beef mince will provide necessary Protein and Vitamin B-12 to your body which is best for nursing mommies.

Go green

Green leafy vegetables are packed with antioxidants and Vitamin A which are beneficial for you. Increase the intake of Spinach and Broccoli as they are non-dairy source of Calcium and are full of iron.


Intake of excess fluid is of utmost importance as after childbirth women tend to suffer from acute dehydration. To stay energetic and keep up the supply of milk, water is your well-wisher. You can stay hydrated by taking juices or milk as well. It’s better if you avoid caffeinated drinks as it can make your child irritable.

Whole Wheat

Choose whole wheat bread or whole grain cereal especially for breakfast. After a sleepless night you definitely need an energy boosting breakfast. Whole grain pastas and breads are great source of iron and fiber. Many cereals are fortified with essential vitamins and nutrients to help you meet your daily needs, so don’t skip breakfast.

Few Most Popular Nutritionist:

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