New Studies Show Lung Cancer Can Cause Swelling In Your Neck

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October 19, 2020: According to the new studies that have been in works lung cancer can bring us very common symptoms in our everyday life which we do not pay attention to a lot. The type of lung cancer which is also known as Superior vena cava syndrome (SVCS) involves the center of our chest. SVCS is recently studied and is said to cause a lot of swelling in our neck and shoulders. This can prove to be serious, but treatable in adults. Whereas in children, it can be life-threatening and fatal.

Superior Vena Cava Syndrome is caused by a blockage that is part of the superior vena cava. Vena Cava is the vein that is responsible to carry blood from our head, neck, chest, and arms directly to the heart.

This syndrome has many symptoms and the majority of them are so common that it makes it difficult for us to decide whether these are normal or are we suffering from a disease. The symptoms that one can experience are trouble breathing, rapid breathing, coughing, swelling of the face, neck, upper body, and arms, chest pain, trouble swallowing, horner’s syndrome, drooping eyelid, and paralyzed vocal cord.

The SVCS usually indicates a serious and advanced type of lung cancer. There is nothing one can say about the survival of a person suffering from this disease as it all depends on the status of the patient’s condition. Early symptoms of this syndrome include a slight cough or shortness of breath, depending on which part of the lung is affected. As cancer keeps on aggravating, these symptoms may become more severe or intense. Just like other types of cancers, lung cancer also causes systemic symptoms, like loss of appetite or general fatigue.

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