No Doctor In Your Area? This Problem Has A Solution And It Is Very Simple!

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Life is really busy nowadays, you have to look after so many things before you finally say “I’ll visit my doctor now”. But, just as you decide that many more responsibilities come ahead, proving that you need to attend them first and yet again, you let go of your health. On the other hand, many people who have sufficient time, can not afford to travel miles to see their doctors. One way or another, we let go of our health every possible time. But why do we even do that? Because, here are the common issues that we face in our everyday life but do not realize very often.

1. Can’t Find A Good Doctor In Your Area

The first and the most concerning problem that we face is that mostly all the doctors that are known to be the best, only practice in main areas and main cities. Those who do not live in those areas find it extremely difficult to reach out to them and also, are unaware of any alternate doctors that are as good as any other ones.

But how would we know that there are other good doctors in our area?

2. A Lot Of Travel Expenses

Travel barriers have always been the biggest hurdle in managing our health. Traveling long ways to get yourself to a suitable doctor is a discouragement we don’t realize. The thought of driving, taking busses, or uber rides for hours sparks laziness in us, and the easiest way we think of combating that is to let go of our appointments.

Have we ever thought of a solution? Or will we just keep on letting go of our health?

3. Time Issue

Life nowadays is hectic, hectic to an extent where we all are living like robots and have a loop of routine going on every day and we can’t just break it. Breaking a routine, leaving your daily work behind, and visiting a doctor can never be a priority because who’s going to cover up for all that work we’re leaving?. Going to doctors now is never easy because it is not just a matter of appointment, it is a matter of time, effort, and also a lot of energy.

Who can prefer all that hassle over comfort, consequently what do we compromise on? Our health!

4. Conveyance Issue

Traveling and going to the doctors is not about time only, another thing which proves to be a hurdle is conveyance issues. Many around us do not have their own conveyance and have to take local options and also uber to see their doctors. This not wastes our time but also, adds up to our traveling cost which could’ve been saved if we knew about a good doctor in your area!.

What can be the alternate? Do we even have one?

5. Can’t Leave Your Kids Alone

Parents with kids alone at home are the most helpless ones amongst us all. With no one to look after their kids and also not being able to them along to the clinics is that confusing situation that apparently had no solution.

Who are we going to leave the kids with? can we take them along? Is it safe to take them to hospitals in this situation? what can be done? These are the questions which most of the parents think of before getting themselves an appointment. No one has got an answer for these yet!

6. Doctor Not Available In The Clinic

Imagine traveling hours, in unlikely weather conditions, reaching a hospital or doctor’s clinic at your appointed time, and finding out the doctor is not practicing today due to an emergency.

What now? all that money and effort got wasted. Is there any compensation?

Use Marham For Online Consultations Or Finding A Doctor In Your Area

Most of the people are still unaware that all these problems have a solution but the issue is, you haven’t yet explored it yet. Not finding the right doctor, not having the conveyance to visit the clinic, have no time and so on. These problems have a one-step solution and that is Marham.

If you can’t find a doctor in your area
Marham’s mobile app and website both have a feature that can help you find the right doctor in your area. You just have to look for the specific specialty and then add a filter of your area to find out the list of doctors serving there.

For Other Issues Such As Travel Expenses, Conveyance Issues And Saving Yourselves From Extra Clinic Visits
To save yourself time and money, you don’t have to worry as this also has a solution. You can consult your doctor through Marham’s online video consultation without wasting your money on your traveling. To book yourself an online consultation, install Marham’s mobile app, or call us at 03111222398 for further information.

Marham’s telemedicine has been saving so many lives during this pandemic. The online consultation service has saved so many people from stepping out of the houses and risking their health. It has also helped many people who couldn’t leave their houses due to unforeseen circumstances.


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Stay Home Stay Safe!

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