Not Only Elderly, COVID-19 Is Hitting Middle Age More Than We Think!

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There are a lot of misconceptions about who gets affected by this virus and who does not. There’s a narrative that COVID-19 only hits old people, so, everyone else can safely go to work. This is not only a flu and is much more dangerous for middle-aged people as compared to older people. In fact, COVID-19 is a dangerous threat to many of us who have decided to head back to work, restaurants and malls.

Why It Is Hitting Middle-Aged People More?

As the majority of people are thinking that this disease is only linked to people of older ages, many have already continued with their regular routine.
Consequently, the results are not very good and middle ages people are not the most affected ones and here is the reason:

  • Going Back To Work
    People have already headed back to work and started their regular routine, many are not even careful about the precautionary measures which are leading to a higher rate of infections amongst them.
  • Going To Restaurants
    Meetups, hangouts with friends and hoteling is not even an option at this time. Try to be more careful and attentive towards the precautionary measure and stay safe. You might not be the one badly affected but can be a carrier and dangerous to others around you
  • Continuing Gyms and Sports
    Try to make the best out of your time at home, even if it is your fitness, try to work out at home. People are already renewing their sports and gym memberships which is not safe. As many of us will head back to places like the gym, we can be more vulnerable to disease and can also carry it home to our families.

This Is Not An Old Age Disease Only

It is primarily in these middle years that you are far more likely to die from COVID-19 than the flu. As flu affects the old and the young immune systems both, the people in the middle ages undoubtedly beat it off better. COVID-19 is not the same, whether young or old, it can be equally fatal for both.

There is also more prevalence of COVID-19 among younger people. The truth is people who are getting back to work are exposing themselves more and more to illness, whereas younger people are less prone and older people will be more sheltered. This includes teachers who will spend a lot of time with asymptomatic spreaders.

A Word From Marham

To flatten the curve, we need to behave like responsible citizens and should not go out for fun sakes only. Try to stay at home as much as you can. The growing cases day by day has now hit a very alarming stage.

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