Pakistan Healthcare System: Doomed to Fail?

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You know what damages us the most as a nation? It is our stubbornness and lack of concern for those around us.

We run on the cliché that all that serves myself, is well. May be this is the reason why we fail to look at the agony of other people and do not understand their struggles.

We tend to spend more time worried about whether our clothes are crease-free for going to office and fail to see those who are wrapped in a single shroud. We almost always end up neglecting the faction of the community which is lower both in the social status and the financial status to us.

Central to the tussle of the government and YDA, is the missing realization that WHAT OF THE POOR? The poor part of our society always bears the brunt of the actions of everyone else. It wouldn’t be wrong to assume that our Pakistani Healthcare System has been destined to fail because we just don’t have enough roads in the province alone, not even country, so let’s prioritize that (sarcasm!).

With the increasing investments being brought on for building the Orange train infrastructure, one wonders how much of these investments could have played a role in changing the healthcare face of the country?

It would have saved the life of the one-year old girl who died in the hospital during the strike!

These facilities might have benefited a large population of the working lower middle class of Pakistan, but what can a person do when all their hard-earned money can’t buy them the comfort of health?

We all know the facts. We all know the situation and yet we are powerless. Why? Because the giants who possess the power to change the fate of the country see it fit to reduce the expenditure on health care from 28 million to 21 million because well, who cares about healthcare? And yet the government fails to foresee the strike of these young doctors for their rightful remuneration of their hard work!

But it also beyond the mindset of a common man that how many lives will be lost before the doctors decide on another plan to influence the government or government starts to own the people of this country at the very least? Those who rightfully voted for them. Those who believed innocently the words of progressive development.

It is not the fault of any one faction but the entire system. The system which was to be a source of Marham for the common man but instead cost them their lives, because it was too much to spend more on their health-being rather than the infrastructure. Who will use it when there is none alive?

You might forget the rocky road if you got to your destination safe.

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Norin Chaudhry

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