Pakistan To Follow A Smart Technique To Detect COVID-19 Carriers

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As we all experience COVID-19 pandemic taking a toll on us since last few months, every country is coming up with new strategies to combat it. Though we know we do not have a strong healthcare system and our government is not doing their best but at least they are trying their best. The issue is not with our government and our healthcare only, it is our people too. For the uncontrollable and rebellious people pf Pakistan, the government has come up with a new idea to track the COVID-19 patients. The ‘Geo-fencing’. This is the same technique that has helped officials monitor neighbourhoods on COVID-19 lockdown.

How Will Geo-Fencing Perform?

The Geo-Fencing technique is a very smart way to deal with the people of Pakistan. What will happen is that Pakistan’s intelligence services will deploy secretive surveillance technology, which normally is used to locate militants. Instead, this time it will be used to track coronavirus patients and the people they come into contact with.

This service is publicly touted by Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan. It is said that the government has turned to our powerful Inter-Services Intelligence agency (ISI) for helping in tackling the virus this way. COVID-19, which still is spreading at an accelerating rate across Pakistan has yet failed to come under control.

This service will be used by our intelligence services through phone-monitoring systems that ordinarily are employed to hunt high-value threats to the country.

The best thing is, it will track those who’ve escaped hospitals, also others who’ve had contact with virus patients or have flouted self-isolation rules.

Will It Be Affective For The Current Situation?

Geo-fencing is a smart tracking system which will alert the authorities when someone leaves a specific geographic area. The authorities will also be able to listen to the calls of the COVID-19 patients to monitor whether their contacts are talking about having symptoms. The tracking system is specifically designed to trace-and-track the mobile phones of corona patients as well as anyone they get in touch with before of after their disappearance

Discussing the condition of anonymity, a senior security official mentioned that agencies are now “quite effectively” using the technology to track coronavirus cases.

Well, if that’s the case, it sounds smart to me. But who knows what the outcome will actually be. Let’s hope for the best.

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