Panic attack; The Most Treatable Mental Health Disorder

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Have you ever felt that all of a sudden your heart starts pounding at a faster rate, you shiver, sweat, shake, and become dizzy or nauseous? These are all symptoms of Panic/Anxiety Attack. A panic attack is a real-life problem and can make daily life miserable.

It can make a person feel helpless, terrified and very anxious. It’s not something one should feel shy about, in order to combat it a person needs to know its triggering elements so that it can be avoided and ignored as much as possible. In case of a severe Anxiety attack, it is always better to consult any Psychiatrist or Healthcare physician.

Panic attack; The Most Treatable Mental Health Disorder

Let’s talk about a few facts about Panic attacks, these facts can help you get a better understanding of it and as a result, you will be able to handle it better:

  • Panic attacks are mostly hereditary
  • It can be triggered by various phobias such as Water, narrow space, insect, height etc.
  • It can mostly occur at the time of sleep
  • Women are more likely to suffer from it rather than men
  • Young adults face this problem more as they feel they have more responsibility for them
  • During attack person’s heart pounds really fast & Yes! The panic attack may feel like a heart attack.
  • There is always some sort of trigger to initiate an attack, always seek help from a Psychiatrist to know its real cause.
  • Fear of losing or humiliation is one of the major cause of Panic attacks

Despite of all the facts mentioned above panic attacks is the most treatable mental health disorder, so don’t worry. We all have or had suffered from it at one point of our lives.

Panic attack

Following are Some Measures for its Treatment:

  • Accept that you suffer from it only then you will get towards its treatment
  • Always seek out a help from a Psychiatrist who is specialized in treating this order
  • Breathing exercises can help you calm down.
  • Yoga and mindfulness technique can help you control its triggers
  • Therapies are proven to be successful in order to treat it. Consult the best Psychiatrist through Marham
  • Exposure therapy where you get to encounter the situation and get out of it on your own is very useful in its treatment.
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