7 Things People With Low Blood Pressure Should Do

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Blood pressure is the pressure of the blood in the arteries; the pressure depends on the amount of blood the heart pumps and the size of the arteries. The pressure of blood can easily be tampered because of the external factors. Low blood pressure can be severe because if the blood pressure decreases, the vital organs are unable to get blood from the heart. The lack of blood to the vital organs cause dizziness, fainting, and fatigue. Low blood pressure is also called hypotension. For which they take medication. The standard blood pressure is 120 over 80, and less than 140 over 90, below this is considered as low blood pressure.

Below we have discussed some important measures to avoid low blood pressure, but if someone has a serious condition, they should consult a doctor:

1. Add salt

Add salt to the diet to increase the blood flow. The sodium in the salt is very helpful for the low blood pressure. However, salt is considered to increase blood pressure and is forbidden to people with high blood pressure. Hence, it works great with low blood pressure. The use of salts provide instant results and should be considered as first preference.

2. Hydrated

It is important to stay hydrated because it helps to increase the quantity of blood in the human body. The increased number of blood in the system can contribute to increasing the pressure of the blood. Excess of water also helps in keeping the kidneys clean. Water also keeps the blood pure and flowing, hence drink water to avoid low blood pressure.

3. Avoid Weight Lifting

Weightlifting is very dangerous for the person experiencing low blood pressure. Lifting heavy weights require a lot of effort and blood to the muscles. In low blood pressure, the pressure of blood is already compromised. Hence, it affects the health of the person. It is better to avoid weightlifting because it will cause dizziness or fainting after doing it.

4. Avoid Sudden Movements

When a person is experiencing low blood pressure, it is important to avoid sudden changes. It is important to avoid sudden movements because the blood is unable to reach any part of the body at that pace. In most cases, it gets hard for blood to reach the brain which causes fainting. It is important first to shake your feet or hands slowly to maintain the blood flow, before getting up.

5. Food

It is a standard issue in low blood pressure that people feel dizzy after the meal. It is beneficial to take small meals, and for and rest after the food. Also, decrease carbohydrates from the meal and eat sensibly. The body goes through a change after the intake of food. Hence, it is important to keep the check and balance on what a person eats.

6. Better to sit

In some places, it is important to stand, but for the people experiencing low blood pressure, they should find every reason to sit at any location. It is better for them to use a stool while showering or even keep a portable chair with them. It is because while standing It gets hard for the blood to maintain pressure to get to the brain. Due to the lack of blood flow towards the brain, the person feels dizzy and faints.

7. Annual Check-ups

It is critical to have an annual check-up, which will help you to be aware of the problem beforehand. People do not go to doctors in the early stages of their illness; they wait for it to get worse. Hence, coming up with an illness before time can make things better for a person.

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