Period Myths You Should Never Believe

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For ages, much folklore considers that a woman on her period was ‘impure’. This is complete bunk, obviously but even today that belief stick around along with numerous other unhelpful hearsay’s and myths. In reality, there is nothing ‘dirty’ or contaminated about being on your period and nothing can stop you living your life as you see fit. There are many misconceptions you may have heard, let’s confront them one by one.

Don’t Exercise When You Have Your Period:

Exercise is always good. Undergoing pain during the periods, then exercise is always the most effective cure because endorphins (good hormones) are into the blood that helps to alleviate in pain.

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Your Period Comes Every 28 Days:

Menstrual cycle varies from woman to woman and from cycle to cycle. Specifically, when a girl just begins to menstruate. Other reasons for irregular periods are fatigue, lack of sleep, arduous exercise, dietary changes, weight gain or commonly PCOS.
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If You Skip a Period You are Pregnant:

There are many reasons that can delay your periods. A delay in your period doesn’t inevitably mean you are pregnant. Your period could be postponed due to mental anxieties, weight gain or a change in your hormones could drastically late your periods. But if you have had sex and have missed your periods then you should take a pregnancy test with pregnancy test strips.

You Could Get Weaker As You Loss Blood:

Menstrual blood actually looks like way more than it is. Moderately, you only lose about 2-3 tablespoons of blood every time you menstruate. So unless you get very heavy blood flow or ‘menorrhagia’, there is no need to worry about being weak, although other symptoms like PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) can affect your overall health. About 10% of women get heavy blood flow during their periods and it is so substantial that they’ll feel droop or dizzy when standing, discuss this with your healthcare practitioner or you may book an online appointment with the best gynecologist in Islamabad, Lahore or other main cities of Pakistan.

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It Is Evident:

There are no single tell-tale indications that you have got your period. You do not smell or walk differently and your skin tone doesn’t show any variations. So, you definitely shouldn’t feel like you have to hide the fact. Nowadays, girls are much more impartial about menstruation and symptoms like PMS and period cramps. Indeed, it may help you to be blunt about your periods, at least with your Mothers/Aunts. After all, they are getting them too.

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