Piles or Hemorrhoid. Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments.

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What are piles?

Pile is a term used for hemorrhoids. A hemorrhoid is a state in which the patient suffers from a collection of inflamed tissues in the anal canal. They include blood vessels, support tissue, and muscles. Many symptoms of piles are really obvious. Piles can be external or internal.

Symptoms of piles

Majority times, piles are not something very dangerous or untreatable. The patient can experience several common symptoms that are red blood in bowel movement, pain while stool, lump in the anus, infection, itchiness or redness in the area of the anus.

Causes of piles.

Pile is a disease directly related to stomach disease and unhealthy food mostly. It happens when there is swelling in the anus or pressure in the anus. There are several other causes of piles includes pregnancy, chronic diarrhea, constipation, and strain in passing stool.
Here are some ways that how you can change your lifestyle and prevent causing piles.


In a recent research, it was found that most of the disease is the result of unhealthy, junk and food from unhygienic shops. To treat this disease we must use bran and whole wheat bread. Eating fruits and vegetables can also help in easy digestion. Change in diet can help in immediate digestion. Thus helps in the stool.

Control Weight.

Controlled weight can not only help in the treatment of pile but also in many other diseases too. Basically, when you are overweight it’s hard to digest food and turn it into energy. In this situation, it takes effort in excretion and there are chances of constipation.

Surgical treatments.

In severe cases, there are surgical treatments that include Hemorrhoids stapling, banding, Hemorrhoidectomy, and other procedures as well. You can find a good surgeon for piles surgery from Marham.pk 

Few Most Popular General Surgeons:

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