Post COVID-19 Life: You Can Take A Fresh Start!

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Will we take the world back to where it was before COVID-19 came? Or, will we redesign the world?

Did we ever think about restarting the world? The global warming, fires, terrorist attacks and many other issues got us thinking, what if we can restart the world?. But, nothing that we thought of was like this. The level of damage that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused the world is just mind-boggling. However, despite this massive damage that it has done, it holds an unparalleled opportunity as well. Right now, the whole world has to address a big question first, are we restarting the world?

Luckily, we know the answer to that and the answer is YES! Now, is the right time to think about how will we be starting our new world. We have gathered good experiences for that already.

We Are The Ones Responsible For This Decision

Needless to say that the pre-coronavirus world was not very good for us. Until we heard about coronavirus, the whole world was suffering and screaming about all the terrible things that were about to happen. People were discussing the consequences and how the whole planet would be unfit for human existence through climate catastrophe. We were reminded multiple times to improve ourselves or else this decade would be the decade of last chances for us. Now the decision is on us, we have been provided with a chance. Will we go back to our old world or will we reconstruct it in a better way?

Was The Old World Good Enough To Go Back To?

COVID-19 all of a sudden, changed the context and perspective of the world. It has opened up possibilities for us that never existed before. We have been granted an opportunity to go in whatever direction we want to. With the freedom of choice, it’ll be good to see what people will choose for themselves. The old selves with the unhealthy, unhappy and unsafe environment or the new healthy and fresh start with a lot more opportunities. The decision is on us!

Now Is The Time That We Start Thinking

We must think about our plans right now when we are amidst the crisis. When the crisis will be over, there will be an overflow of new ideas for improvement if we start planning them out at this time.

What Can We Do?

  • Start Online Businesses
    The best way to utilise your time and to help improve our economy is to think of new business ideas. We are born entrepreneurs, not job-seekers. If we come up with creative business ideas, it will help to build to the economy in a better way and also provide wages to the people who have been left jobless.
  • Start Social Work
    Social work in this time of need is a blessing. Helping people find better opportunities and improve their lives is the best thing that we can do for someone.
  • Generate Ideas For Better Global Environment
    We will have to focus a lot on making our environment more healthy and safe to live. Thinking of how to improve them can be beneficial as it’ll be easier to implement the idea if the thinking is already done.
  • Help Governments By Providing Better Ideas For Improvement
    We have a lot of time to think about how we can improve personally, locally and nationally. Once we’re done with this pandemic, we will be having a new chance to decide things from the very beginning. Having ideas about how to improve things will be a handful of help for the governments.

A Word From Marham

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Stay home Stay Safe Stay Healthy!

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