Power Boosters For Your Aging Brain

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What if your skin is sagging, wrinkles are appearing hair is getting grey; you can still impress people with your intelligence, knowledge, and intellect. Marham is proudly presenting to you some power boosters that can slow down the aging of the brain and rather will boost your brain’s power.

Healthy diet

A healthy diet is a major brain health booster. Diet rich with anti-oxidants, Omega-3 fatty acid, Vitamin C, D, and E can do wonder to increase your brain’s capacity. Take a diet rich with vegetables, fruits, nuts, fish, Olive oil and you will surprise your gathering with your mental capacity.

Stimulate your mental capacity

Playing board games such as Ludo, Monopoly, Chess can be a good workout for your brain. It will keep your mind fresh and activated. In addition to it, challenge yourself mentally to slow down the aging of a brain. You can join a class to learn a new language, get yourself registered for some community work, play mind games, and solve puzzles to stimulate your mental capacity.

Say bye to stress

Just try to opt for the optimistic approach. Look for positivity in your life to keep your mind healthy and fresh. Chronic stress can greatly affect your memory by slowing down your recall power. So why! Take a stress when you got just one chance to live to your fullest.

Physical exertion

Exercise is extremely important to boost the power of the brain. Working out improves the circulation of blood to the brain helping it in to stay active and all fresh. Exercise stimulates positive hormones in our body that in return enhances our memory and recall power.

Work on your memory

Yes! Memorize things to boost your brain’s power. You can exercise the memory by trying to remember at least 10 pictures from the magazine or count cards to enhance your thinking capability which in return keeps our brain young and alert.

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