Pre and Post Guide For Gastric Sleeve Surgery

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Obesity is some kind of traumatizing state for a human of the present span. This is not just a state but a disease that can lead towards so many other diseases. It is necessary to get rid of it if you really want to spend a productive life. For this purpose Medical science has already made really quick solutions. Gastric sleeve surgery is here to help to get in perfect shape.

Gastric sleeve surgery in two sequence patient’s stomach is made smaller and in other sequences, the patient loses weight. There is an interval of one year between these sequences. It is a restrictive procedure which helps patients in steps. In first a multi-step operation or gastric bypass is broken down into 2 simpler and safer operations. In the second step, there is a gradual weight loss leads 40 to 60% of reduction of his/her weight during one year.

Those patients who want to go through this surgery firstly need to know what they have to follow before and after gastric sleeve surgery. You can now book the best gastric sleeve surgeon in Lahore from

Gastric sleeve surgery
Gastric sleeve surgery

Pre-surgery cautions and diet

    • This is advised by the doctors to not keep the stomach empty a night before surgery. Cheating on this advice can lead you toward serious issues.
    • Keep yourself at ease. Fear and anxiety is an obvious fact but this surgery is not as harmful as it seems.
    • Patient must follow pre-operative liquid diet 7 to 14 days before surgery. So that fat may reduce from liver and stomach.
    • These liquid diets will be the substitution of regular diet plan and it will contain protein shakes.
    • Here protein diet means Chicken or meat broth, Green tea, and other liquid diets.
    • The Patient can include cucumber, boiled egg in the diet as well. Boiled eggs are the best option if it consumes two in the morning and two in the evening.
    • Strictly no intake of caffeine or carbonated drinks.
    • Soup is a good option. Broth with no solid particle is acceptable.
    • Lean meat or vegetable once a day can be used by the patient.

If the patient will ignore these pre-operation cautions he/she cannot go through successful surgery. Make sure all liquid should be sipped very slowly. Consuming these liquids with meals is not a good recommendation. Drink it 30 minutes before a meal. In case of other advice talk to your doctor urgently.

Post-surgery cautions and diet

You can now book the best weight loss surgeon in Lahore from After surgery, your stomach already become weak and small. Eating immediately heavy and unhealthy meals can be dangerous. It is more like a ketosis process.

Gastric sleeve surgery
Gastric sleeve surgery
    • On the first day after surgery, the patient is kept on fluids on and no solid meal at all.
    • On the day the patient is allowed to use clear water, green tea, chicken or meat broth (30ml every hour)
    • There are 4 stages after the surgery. After that, you will be on a normal diet.
    • Stage one only contains liquids, stage 2 contain Pureed food, Stage three contain soft food and stage 4 contain solid food.
    • Patient can use apple juice 50% and water 50%.
    • Start your nutrition with liquids only. Drink slowly and do not overuse liquids. Although it’s obvious that patient would feel low, over-use of anything can be harmful.
    • 60 grams of protein is necessary per day. 60 grams mostly means a fillet of chicken or any other kind of meal.

Surgery or Weight Loss with Diet and Exercise?

Removing fat with diet and exercise is possible if a person is not much obese. Moreover, diet and exercise can eliminate fats from different portions of the body. In Gastric Sleeve Surgery fat lose occurs from head to toe. This surgery is mostly recommended to over weight patient.

Gastric surgery is for those who have uncontrolled weight and helpless. Although it is a good source to reduce obesity still surgeries must be avoided.

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