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Are you always upset with your kid because of low grades at school? Do you ever consider there could be something that he cannot help and are none of his faults as well? It might surprise you how some speech and learning disorders of kids are a great hindrance to his school performance. Things like

  • Sound clarity
  • Voice quality
  • Ability to hold meaningful conversations
  • Understand others
  • Problem-solving
  • Read
  • Comprehend and express thoughts through spoken or written words. Maybe you are unaware of his difficulties. Just read out following words to know how these least considered matters are making your child’s life way more difficult than his strengths. A solution to these is also mentioned here.

How speech and Learning Problems Affect School Performance?

Communication skills like speaking, writing, and understanding are the heart of life’s experiences, particularly for children who are at the stage of development and learning. Due to any learning or communication disorder, little children have to struggle with reading and writing, understanding and expressing language. In result, he may misunderstand social cues, avoid attending school, show poor judgment, and low grades in tests and other activities.

speech therapist can help kids in good grades

How to Improve the School Performance of that Child?

We know as other parents it is your greatest wish that your child stays at the victory stand in his school. He surely can achieve that position. But this dream needs the cooperative efforts of parents, classroom teachers, and sometimes of an audiologist and speech-language therapist as well. If you are unaware of any audiologist you can log on to Marham to get services of the best audiologist in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad or any other main city of Pakistan.

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How Speech Therapists Help Children with Speech and Language Disorders?

The language and speech therapists work with their best professional skills to provide comprehensive language and speech assessments for children. To consult best speech therapist in Lahore, Karachi or any other main city you can log on to Marham. Speech therapists help children to make them effective communicators, problem-solvers, and decision-makers. They work hard with the deprived child in memory retraining, cognitive reorganization, language enhancement, and efforts to improve thinking. The services provided by speech therapists can help children to overcome their disabilities, achieve pride and self-esteem, and find meaningful roles in their lives.

  • Your child is not aware of this problem and does not knows how to solve it. He needs your help. Help him in a polite manner and with required professional assistance he will be your pride indeed.

Dr. Samina Farooqi Audiologist talks about Hearing problems

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