Pros And Cons Of Epidural That You Should Discuss With Your Gynecologist

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Are you afraid of natural childbirth? Or you have heard a birth story that is like a nightmare for you? Although there are so many smooth birth stories out there, the horrible ones are more common to catch. Nonetheless, childbirth is as natural as having a fear of delivering a child naturally. So before going through this phase of life, educate yourself about the choices for childbirth plans.

What is Epidural?

Epidural is like a way of providing redemption from pain during childbirth. It is predominantly a nerve blocker that is administered through a catheter having a large needle that is inserted into the epidural region surrounding your spinal cord.

It has a variety of uses apart from using it as a pain reliever during labor. But its use in childbirth is very famous. And In this era, women are more aware of the effectiveness of this miracle of medicinal sciences.

Your Obstetrician/Gynecologist can guide you about the application of epidural during labor. You can consult the best Gynecologist in Karachi and decide whether you will go for natural childbirth or epidural assisted one.
Knowing the pros and cons of using epidural in labor, you can decide what is best for you and your baby

Pros of using Epidural in labor:

Here are some pros of using epidural during labor;

Pain relief:

The most important function of epidural is its pain relief action. If you include it in your birth plan, it will ease labor pain. It does not block all the sensations rather you feel some pressure only.

Awake and relax during delivery:

With epidural assisted childbirth, you are quite fresh and awake to feel the birth process. Painless delivery keeps you relax during a long labor. This enhances the mother-baby bond as you can enjoy the arrival of your baby.

Rapid effectiveness:

The epidural onset of action is very rapid. According to the American Society of Anesthesiologists, epidural after administration roughly takes 15 minutes to start its action. So, you can decide on getting epidural anytime during the labor.

Can help in reducing post-partum depression:

According to research in 2014, the use of epidural during childbirth may reduce the risk of post-partum depression(PPD) in women. The researchers suggest that having a labor pain management plan may reduce the chances of PPD.

Cons of using epidural in Labor:

And now, some cons of using epidural in labor;

Cause fall in B.P:

It may cause the dropping of your blood pressure. That’s why blood-pressure monitoring is done during the whole procedure to ensure the proper blood supply to your baby. If the blood pressure of mother falls, fluid and medication are administered.

Side effects:

Every drug/medicine has some side effects. So, epidural may also show side-effects like nausea, dizziness, shivering, itchiness, fever, head, and backaches.
It also increases the risk of using a vacuum or forceps during delivery. This is due to the lack of ability to push the baby. It may lead to emergency c-section also.
Some rare side effects like an infection in the epidural region or nerve damage in the spinal cord may also occur during the procedure. But these side effects can occur due to the lack of professionalism of your health care provider.

Risk of perineal tear:

One of the reasons for perineal tear is the use of epidural during labor. Research about epidural use shows that women getting epidural are more prone to perineal tears.

Risks for your baby:

Proper monitoring is required to guarantee the safety of your baby during childbirth with the epidural. According to some researchers, epidural may cause respiratory distress in babies immediately after birth. So, it is advisable to discuss your concerns about your baby before making the birth plan.

The birth plan you are deciding for yourself should be according to your needs and situation. Your doctor makes recommendations according to;

  • Your physical and emotional health
  • Baby’s position and health
  • Your pain tolerance level
  • Level of intensity of the contractions

Although, these conditions are not hard and fast rules for every woman. Every case is different and that’s why it is better to discuss everything with your doctor and midwife.
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