Psychological Facts about 7 Body Postures

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Every person on this planet has been born with a specific and different personality. And so they differ in their ways of communication.
As we know that non-verbal part is about 7% of the whole communication process but this percentage doesn’t justify its importance. It has been known as the soul of communication. In this non-verbal communication, postures can provide a ton of information which is not possible to gain from words getting delivered.

According to a psychologist in Karachi, postures can describe well the situation going inside a person. As postures are considered as a mirror to emotions, you need to have a deep eye in order to get a real response from someone’s statement.

Sometimes people become very complex in their responses and make it very difficult for one to decode their non-verbal cues. But here in this specified situation, the central person is might be YOU then in this case you need to use a proper gesture if you want to be understood without using words. Or even when you do not want to be taken wrong.

As this requires the proper knowledge of postures and if you are willing to learn, you are at right place. As we have found some facts from the best psychologist in Karachi, listed below:

    • Arms Crossed in Front of the Chest

This posture is very common in our society and it has two different meanings which can be differentiated according to the situation.
One of them describes that one is being defensive, while the other one indicates the disagreement with the words or actions of other people with whom the conversation is going on.

    • Crossing Ankles

When you lock or cross your ankles, whether you are sitting or standing, you are conveying a sign of confusion or apprehension.

    • Finger Tapping or Drumming

It is a very common gesture among a considerable number of population and it is demonstrated as a sign of being impatient or getting tired while waiting for someone.
So, you need to be careful because they are not just playing to pass time, in fact, they are getting irritated.

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    • Hand on the Cheek

You might familiar with this sign as it is an indication of being in deep thought. It is a reported fact that when people tend to think seriously they put their one hand on cheek and their brows get furrowed.
Here is a tip for you, Fake it! If you want to avoid any person or any situation but don’t use it frequently if you are not a good pretender. Because in this situation risks of getting caught are quite high.

    • Brisk Rubbing of the Hands

Generally, this may show that hands are cold but more specifically it could be a sign of excitement.

    • Steepling

It is very strong gestures in which the tips of both hands are placed together. This sign may demonstrate the feeling of control or authority. This gesture is mostly used by the authority figures in the line of control in any organization such as; bosses to show that they have control over the situation.

    • Catapult Posture

It is a gesture in which both hands are behind the head and elbows are pointing outward. This is usually used as a gesture of relaxed attitude but it could also mean the intimidation or authority.

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