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If you have worked for long hour to finish your assignment or your baby kept you awake last night, your eyes get swollen and tired. Well, if you don’t want to look like a walking zombie at your workplace or even at your home among friends and family we have some incredible tips to share with you.

You must have heard fake it will you make it, apply this rule to yourself. Try some techniques to look fresh, ladies you have options to use under eye concealer, highlighter, liners etc but men don’t have to worry, Marham has come up with incredible tips to soothe tired eyes instantly.

Cold water

Splashing cold water on your face temporarily compresses your blood vessels under your skin. This can give an impression of smoother and better toned skin. Cold water makes your eyes fresh and reduces puffiness and redness.

Rose water

This is tried and tested tip as I have applied it to myself many times. In summer you can keep rose water spray in your fridge. Spray it on your face including eyes to brighten them up. If you are not in hurry then soak two cotton balls in a cold rose water and put it on your eyes for good 5-10 minutes to reduce soreness and puffiness of your tired eyes.


Have you seen a lady relaxing with cucumber slices on eyes and with a face pack in a movie? Well, it is something worth trying in real life too. It not tastes yummy but its coolness and vitamin C presence can help soothe your puffy tired eyes. Simply cut it in round pieces and keep it on your eyes for good 10 minutes.

Eye cream

Well, if your sleeping schedule is disturbed or have tight working schedule then you are more likely to get redness of puffy eyes in the morning. To avoid that use anti-aging eye cream daily. Use the one that has herbs in to tighten the skin. Use it around the eye area in the morning as well as at night to lessen dark circles and puffiness.


Tea bags

Believe it or not, it does wonder. Placing a chilled tea bag on your eyes tighten the skin around your eyes and makes you look all fresh. So now in the morning when you make a tea for yourself don’t forget to keep a cold ice pack on your eyes to reduce puffiness.

By applying these tips you will appear fresh instantly. So have a great day.

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